Best Mystery Movies

Movies Like Clue

The film Clue captures the essence of mystery and the thrill of the unknown, leading audiences through a mansion filled with secrets and suspense. For those who love unraveling a good enigma and delight in the twists and turns of a well-crafted story, here are 15 movies like ClueClue that offer a labyrinth of plots and a parade of memorable characters, each promising to captivate and entertain. Gosford Park Murder on the Orient Express Knives Out The Hateful Eight Death on the Nile The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Shutter Island Identity Zodiac The Prestige Mystic River The Illusionist Prisoners [...]

Movies Like Us

Jumpscares are not necessary for a well-made horror movie to startle audiences. And Us as evidence. The film, which takes place in a single day and night, is a story of dualism in which each character has a dark side. If the family is to survive, they have to confront their own duplicates. If you loved Us as much as we did, continue reading to see what else is available to watch as Halloween arrives. These are 15 similar movies like Us that we believe you'll enjoy. It is sure that you find more good horror movies like Us after [...]

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