Best Sci-fi Movies

Movies Like Jurassic Park

Embark on a cinematic journey through time as we explore the 15 best movies like Jurassic Park. From the awe-inspiring wonders of prehistoric creatures to the thrilling adventures in distant lands, these dinosaur movies like Jurassic Park promise a dino spectacle for enthusiasts of all ages. Each film, meticulously chosen, invites you to experience the timeless fascination with dinosaurs, combining visual marvels with narratives that stand the test of time. Jurassic World The Lost World: Jurassic Park King Kong Dinosaur Terra Nova The Land Before Time Walking with Dinosaurs Carnosaur Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Godzilla Journey to the [...]

Movies Like Ex Machina

Ex Machina, a mesmerizing exploration of artificial intelligence and human nature, has set a high bar for science fiction. If this film's unique blend of technology, psychology, and ethical quandaries fascinates you, here are 15 movies Like Ex Machina that will similarly challenge and captivate you. These relatively recent movies delve into complex themes and showcase the endless possibilities of the sci-fi genre. Follow us to explore more Ex Machina like movies! Her Blade Runner 2049 The Martian Arrival Interstellar Gravity Moon Inception Transcendence The Lobster Under the Skin Annihilation Looper The Social Network Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Her (2013) - Streaming on Max Directed [...]

Movies Like The Day After Tomorrow

Roland Emmerich's The Day After Tomorrow is not just a film about catastrophic climate change; it's a narrative that blends intense action, scientific intrigue, and the human story of survival. If this blend of elements captivated you, here are 15 films, each explored in greater depth, that echo this distinctive genre. 2012 (2009) San Andreas (2015) Geostorm (2017) The Impossible (2012) Into the Storm (2014) World War Z (2013) Dante's Peak (1997) Deep Impact (1998) The Core (2003) Greenland (2020) The Wave (2015) Volcano (1997) Armageddon (1998) Contagion (2011) Twister (1996) 2012 (2009)- Streaming on Netflix, DIRECTV Roland Emmerich, the [...]

Movies like Divergent

Science fiction movies encourage people to expand their imagination and freely imagine the future of mankind. In countless sci fi movies like Divergent, many themes such as technological change, alien invasion, and robot revolution give the audience the most shocking and thought-provoking watching experience and lead society to rethink the pros and cons of technology for human beings. Divergent has gained many fans love. If you are a fan of it and want to discover more movies like the Divergent series, check this list and follow our introduction! Jumper Abduction Repo Men Prometheus Minority Report Beautiful Creatures Terminator: Dark Fate [...]

Movies Like Coherence

Welcome to our sci-fi movie recommendation list! In the classic film Coherence, a group of friends solve the mystery at a comet passing night, which leads to an extraordinary adventure. If you want to discover more, have a look at this movies like Coherence list. Today, we will recommend more heart-racing sci-fi movies like Coherence. iBOY Triangle I Origins After Earth Come True The Prestige Snowpiercer Children of Men The Shape of Water Attack the Block Brian and Charles Possessor M3GAN Elysium 65   iBOY - Streaming on Netflix IBOY is one of the movies like Coherence on Netflix. Tom [...]

Movies Like Ready Player One

Human imagination creates countless masterpieces, and Sci-Fi movies are among these masterpieces. It helps us to escape ordinary life and enter a fantastic world. Ready Player One is an acclaimed film worldwide. If you are a big fan of it and want to discover more movies like Ready Player One, we have collected 20 fantasy movies for you here, including AI and virtual world themes. Ready Player One like movies, we also enjoy watching movies. Check out the following list of movies like Ready Player One and enjoy something fresh! Ender's Game Total Recall Alita: Battle Angel The Matrix The [...]

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