Most Like The Princess Diaries

The romance of the princess and the prince attracts the audience all the time. Starting from the Roman holiday, the love story of the hidden royals and ordinary people is a popular topic in the film market. If you are interested in romantic comedy movies like Princess Diaries, here is a recommendation list we prepared for you.

Most Like Princess Diaries

  1. The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
  2. A Royal Christmas
  3. The Princess Switch
  4. Another Cinderella Story
  5. A Christmas Prince
  6. Princess Protection Program
  7. StarStruck
  8. Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance
  9. A Prince in Paradise
  10. The Prince & Me

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004) – Streaming on Disney Plus and Hulu

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004) movies like Princess Diaries

Princess Mia recently received her college diploma. Soon after, her grandmother, Queen Clarisse, will succeed her as monarch of Genovia. Mia discovers that she has 30 days to be married or else Nicholas Devereaux, another legitimate successor, will inherit the throne of Genovia. The person who genuinely wants Nicholas to be King is his uncle, Viscount Mabrey. Mia chooses a respectable man because she doesn’t trust Nicholas. He is lovely, charming, and pleasant. Let’s look at the following movies like the Princess Diaries 2.

A Royal Christmas (2014) – Available on Apple TV and DIRECTV

A Royal Christmas (2014) movies like Princess Diaries

In this one of the Princess Diaries like movies, Leo and Emily have been dating for a while when he makes a marriage proposal, and during it, he admits that he is actually Prince Leopold, Duke of Winterstone, and the rightful successor to the throne of a sovereign nation bordering Switzerland. When Leo’s mother, Isadora, the Queen, learns that he has proposed to a commoner in America (without her consent), she is furious. She attempts all in her power to separate the couple after a sequence of incidents that destroy their romance. And will she be successful? You can find the answer in classic princess movies like Princess Diaries.

The Princess Switch(2018) – Streaming on Netflix

The Princess Switch(2018) movies like Princess Diaries

Let’s dive into more movies to watch if you like Princess Diaries. When a royal Christmas baking competition was being conducted in Belgravia, baker Stacy, the executive chef of Stacy’s Sweets and Treats, together with sue chef and best friend Kevin Richards and daughter Olivia, left. Prior to getting to the studio where the competition is being conducted, the contestants travel to the town square to have some fun by participating in a snowball battle and purchasing Christmas stockings. Olivia wishes she was dancing up there as they watch a Nutcracker Ballet performance. Olivia expresses a request to Santa to have a new mother for Christmas when they see him, it is also reported. It is also one of the movies like Princess Diaries on Netflix.

Another Cinderella Story (2008) – Available on Apple TV and DIRECTV

Another Cinderella Story (2008) movies like Princess Diaries

Mary, a young adolescent, resides with her famous singer stepmother Dominique Blatt, their kids Britt and Bree, as well as the Blatts’ other children. A masquerade event is where she meets singer Joey. As soon as they start dancing, they start to fall in love. She hurried home, though, to make it in time for curfew, leaving the Zune behind. Only this gives away who she is. Joey picks it up but is unsure of her true identity, so he goes in search of his disguised beauty. Another Cinderella Story is definitely a must-see in movies like The Princess Diaries.

A Christmas Prince (2017) – Streaming on Netflix

A Christmas Prince (2017) movies like Princess Diaries

In this Princess Diaries movies like film, when Amber, a junior editor, is finally handed her own story, she will have to miss Christmas in New York City with her widower father. She’s sent overseas to learn more about dashing playboy Prince Richard, who is about to become King of Aldovia after his father’s death. When the prince fails to appear, a media conference at the palace is called off before it even begins. Amber refuses to board the media bus that is transporting the journalists back into town, refusing to quit and go home without a story. She sneaks inside the palace through the back door and is mistaken for Princess Emily’s new American instructor, who was supposed to come after the holidays.

Princess Protection Program (2009) – Streaming on Disney Plus

Princess Protection Program (2009) movies like Princess Diaries

There are more movies like Princess Diaries. Princess Rosalinda is enrolled in the Princess Protection Program after a villainous tyrant makes threats to seize control of the country. The agency’s General Joe Mason and his daughter Carter, who works after school at a neighboring bait store, take her under their wing. Carter is an agent as well. Carter assists Rosalinda in disguising herself as a typical teen called Rosie. In turn, Carter receives assistance from Rosalinda in overcoming her concerns about herself and her crush on Donny, who feels the same way about her but is too bashful to admit it.

StarStruck (2010) – Streaming on Disney Plus

StarStruck (2010) movies like Princess Diaries

While her sister seeks to meet Christopher Wilde, Jessica Olsen just intends to visit her grandparents while she is in Los Angeles. She encounters Christopher Wilde one evening. They go on a journey in Los Angeles and get fond of one another. Christopher claims on national television that he doesn’t know Jessica and has never met her when she comes home. It is one of the movies like Princess Diaries on Disney Plus. Besides, there are many Barbie princess Disney movies like Princess Diaries.

Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance (2018) – Streaming on DIRECTV

Harry Meghan A Royal Romance (2018) movies like Princess Diaries

We follow the story of the newest royal pair, Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle, from the start of their unexpected courtship to the news of their engagement. Discover Meghan Markle via her words, work, love of humanitarianism, and sense of style. Relive Prince Harry’s journey into manhood after the loss of his mother, Princess Diana. Learn how an American actress will join the British Royal family through conversations with Markles’ close friends. This is also an interesting film to watch in movies like Princess Diaries 2.

A Prince in Paradise (2023) – Streaming on Hoopla

A Prince in Paradise (2023) movies like Princess Diaries

It is another movie like Princess Diaries. The recent breakup with her partner has left New York author Olivia Perkins with writer’s block and waning faith in love as she approaches the deadline for her next romantic adventure book. In an effort to inspire her again, Olivia’s best friend Katie persuades her to travel to the sunny Haven Isles. The Queen reminds Prince Alexander that he will soon have to marry into nobility on the opposite side of the planet. Prince Alexander chooses to go to a wildlife rescue event in Haven Isles because he needs some space.

The Prince & Me (2004) – Streaming on Max

The Prince & Me (2004) movies like Princess Diaries

Paige is an ambitious student from Wisconsin. The Crown Prince of Denmark, Edward, strives to escape the royal life. Edward travels to Wisconsin and assumes the identity of “Eddie,” a college student. Between being a princess and the doctor she has always wanted to be, Paige must make a decision. I’m sure you will be attracted by the Princess Diaries movies like this one.