Movies like 21 jump street

Moviegoers have been attracted by action comedy for decades because comedies always remind us of innocent love in school and the exciting scenes. 21 Jump Street is one of them. Up to now, more viewers are still impressed by its hilarious plots. If you hope to discover more funny movies like 21 Jump Street, here is a list of movies that you might like.

12 Movies Like 21 Jump Street

  1. My Happy Ending
  2. Rye Lane
  3. Miguel Wants to Fight
  4. Happiness for Beginners
  5. You Hurt My Feelings
  6. A Little White Lie
  7. Maybe I Do
  8. Space Oddity
  9. The Donor Party
  10. White Men Can’t Jump
  11. Fire Island
  12. Rosaline

My Happy Ending – Streaming on Hulu

My Happy Ending Movies like 21 jump street

Julia Roth is a fading American movie actress, and she must move to a public hospital for colon cancer treatment. She hasn’t told her family about that and is determined to keep it a secret. Since there are no private rooms available in the hospital, Julia quickly meets three other patients in the ward. Julia obtains power from them, because they share experience of fighting cancer with her, influencing her with their positive attitude. Besides, they make a group role-play together, in which they can escape the reality to an imaginative place and forget about their suffering.

Rye Lane – Streaming on Hulu

Rye Lane Movies like 21 jump street

Dom and Yas meet each other in art exhibition toilet, for a romantic relationship, it is already an unusual beginning. Through the embarrassing but joyful conversation, they surprisingly find that they have both just broke up. After that, they go to Rye Lane Market where is an energetic place. Soon, they establish a mutual trust and understanding. It seems that they find a soulmate, but their life still faces challenges and conflicts. Dom feels insecure about his career, and Yas still struggles in family’s expectation for her.

Miguel Wants to Fight – Streaming on Hulu

Miguel Wants to Fight Movies like 21 jump street

Miguel and three friends live in a violent community where his friends constantly get involved in fights, but Miguel is such a gentle student that he has never been caught up in a fight. Instead of hating it, he is totally fine with that.

Unlike other teenagers, he is interested in martial arts. He loves Bruce Lee movies and action anime. Dreaming about fighting is his favorite, because he can always beat up his imagined opponents. When his life is messed up with a series of incidents, Miguel is encouraged by strong-minded David, rowdy Cass, and clever Srini to begin his first fight, which leads him to hilarious misfortunes.

Happiness for Beginners – Streaming on Netflix

Happiness for Beginners Movies like 21 jump street

Helen feels stricken after a new divorce, and it is difficult for her to get back to original life. When her brother introduces a wilderness survival course to her, she signs for it as she hopes it will help her rebuild her life.

But the supposed restart turns out to be a total disaster. The hiking group includes many odd people, but Helen finds some acquaintances, including her annoying brother and another guy. Surrounded by unexpected natural disasters and strange wildlife, the adventure group must try their best to survive and deal with the unexpected relationships.

Happiness for Beginners is adapted from Katherine Center’s renowned novel of the same name, which delivers a key message to the audience- sometimes disasters can teach us what we need to learn. Even when we feel there is no path to continue, the struggle will lead us to be stronger and revived. The more we explore on the road to love, the more we find during the process. It is also one of the movies like 21 Jump Street on Netflix.

You Hurt My Feelings – Available on Amazon, Apple

You Hurt My Feelings Movies like 21 jump street

You Hurt My Feelings follows the marriage life of Beth and Don and their growth in marriage. Beth struggles to finish her new book, but she overhears his husband’s authentic remark on her manuscript. Don thinks Beth’s work is not that good.

The words hurt Beth significantly, Beth gets into a deep self-suspicion and sorrow. She feels her lovers, friends, and families are lying to her. Even worse, it is a kind of betrayal. When the lies in marriage are exposed by accident, this couple has to deal with its negative impact.

A Little White Lie – Streaming on Hulu, available on Amazon, Apple

A Little White Lie Movies like 21 jump street

Shriver is an introverted handyman who lives a lonely life with his cat. One day, he is mistakenly regarded as a well-known author who leads a hermit life and is invited to be a college literary festival’s guest. Shriver accepts the invitation and pretends to be the famous one. He finds himself becoming the center of attention and realizes that this activity is held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the book written by that authentic author.

Simone Cleary is an English professor as well as one of the literary festival organizers. She is the one who wrote to Shriver and wished him to help them prevent the activity from being canceled. Shriver decides to continue this fraud. During the process of getting along with each other, the two soon fall in love, but Shriver must save himself from the odd situation first. What’s worse, Simone is unaware of his real identity.

Maybe I Do – Streaming on Hulu, available on Amazon, Apple

Maybe I Do Movies like 21 jump street

Michelle wants to step into marriage with Allen, but Allen is satisfied with the present situation. In addition, the complex affairs between their parents are critical problems. Sam and Monica are Allen’s parents, but they have extramarital affairs separately. What’s worse, their cheating partners are Michelle’s parents, Howard and Grace. Howard is ready to break up with Monica, but she swears revenge if he does.

When Michele and Allen try to reconcile, it leads her to meet Grace, and Howard to meet Sam. This is awkward, for Sam and Grace are about to explore a love affair. As Sam reminds Grace all she just wants is Howard to pursue, the question comes, once this family meeting is over,  whether any of these relationships survive and reconcile.

Space Oddity – Streaming on Hulu, available on Amazon, Apple

Space Oddity Movies like 21 jump street

Alex, an emotionally guarded young man, collects his sister and parents and tells them that he will be going to Mars on a one-way ticket in ten years and that they should spend some time together before he goes into isolation for training. He claims to be a part of an unofficial, years ahead of NASA, private space program. Mallory Brewer, his sister, is dubious, but Kevin Bacon and Carrie Preston, his parents, make fun of him. His mother claims that he spent months simply sleeping in his room following the incident. It is undoubtedly one of the best comedy movies like 21 Jump Street.

The Donor Party – Streaming on Hulu, available on Amazon, Apple

The Donor Party Movies like 21 jump street

30-something Jaclyn (Malin Akerman) stumbles across her ex-husband, who is now carrying a baby, and a pregnant younger wife (who was formerly “the other woman”). Jaclyn is distraught about the idea that she handed her ex her prime reproductive years, and she is determined that she has to become a mother without the added complications of dating apps or the singles scene. Because artificial insemination and adoption are both expensive and time-consuming, Jaclyn and her best friends, Molly (Erinn Hayes) and Amandine (Bria Henderson), devise a desperate, Mamma Mia-inspired plot. At Molly’s fancy 45th birthday party for her tech CEO husband, Geoff (Rob Corddry), Jaclyn will meet up with numerous strangers picked by Molly and Amandine. Molly is gone in one night.

White Men Can’t Jump – Streaming on Hulu

White Men Can't Jump Movies like 21 jump street

White Men Can’t Jump is a homage to the 90s original about an unexpected pair of street ballers hustling through the Los Angeles basketball courts to make their way towards a significant cash prize. The principal actors are singer Jack Harlow and actress Sinqua Walls from Teen Wolf, who grudgingly team together to attempt to make enough money to try and lift their families out of poverty. However, getting over their issues long enough to win the competition may be one obstacle they cannot overcome.

Fire Island – Streaming on Hulu

Fire Island Movies like 21 jump street

Fire Island is a modern romantic comedy centering on LGBTQ. It is set in the background of iconic pine trees and inspired by Jane Austin’s classic novel Pride and Prejudice. Similar to the eternal pursuits of love, the film focuses on a group of best queer friends gathering on Fire Island. It delivers a magical summer adventure and a joyful week.

Rosaline – Streaming on Hulu

Rosaline Movies like 21 jump street

Rosaline is a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic play. It changes the character’s life development in an interesting way. The way Rosaline appears in the medieval setting makes the audience mistake her as Juliet, but she is Romeo’s ex-girlfriend. When Romeo climbs the royal house to Rosaline’s window and confesses his love to her, we can comprehend the ironic meaning of this film.

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