Movies Like Clue

The film Clue captures the essence of mystery and the thrill of the unknown, leading audiences through a mansion filled with secrets and suspense. For those who love unraveling a good enigma and delight in the twists and turns of a well-crafted story, here are 15 movies like ClueClue that offer a labyrinth of plots and a parade of memorable characters, each promising to captivate and entertain.

  1. Gosford Park
  2. Murder on the Orient Express
  3. Knives Out
  4. The Hateful Eight
  5. Death on the Nile
  6. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  7. Shutter Island
  8. Identity
  9. Zodiac
  10. The Prestige
  11. Mystic River
  12. The Illusionist
  13. Prisoners
  14. Gone Girl
  15. Inception

Gosford Park (2001) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Set against the backdrop of a 1930s British countryside estate, “Gosford Park” is not just a Clue like movie; it’s a social commentary wrapped in the guise of a murder mystery. Each character, from the upstairs guests to the downstairs servants, has secrets, making the murder not just a crime to solve but a window into the intricate class structures and hidden relationships of the era. The film invites viewers to a richly detailed world, where every glance and whispered word holds weight, and the suspense builds not just from the murder itself but from the explosive truths it threatens to reveal.

Murder on the Orient Express (2017) – Streaming on Fubo TV, DIRECTV

This lavish movie, like Clue, transports viewers aboard the famous train, offering an escape into a world of elegance and intrigue. As detective Hercule Poirot navigates through the train’s luxurious cabins and intermingles with its diverse passengers, the film transforms into a moving puzzle where each character holds a piece. With every twist and turn, the movie peels back layers of mystery, drawing viewers deeper into its spellbinding plot.

Knives Out (2019) – Streaming on DIRECTV

Knives Out redefines the murder mystery genre with its sharp dialogue, complex characters, and a plot that constantly keeps you guessing. As a modern clue like movie, it pays homage to the whodunit tradition while infusing it with fresh energy and a contemporary edge. The film is a delightful maze of motives and misdirection, with a cast that brings the eccentric and morally ambiguous suspects to life, each with their own hidden agendas and secrets.

The Hateful Eight (2015) – Streaming on Netflix

In this new movie like Clue, Quentin Tarantino crafts a claustrophobic world of mistrust and malice, setting his characters against a backdrop of post-Civil War tension. The confined space of the cabin and the blizzard outside create a pressure cooker atmosphere where violence and revelation go hand in hand. The film is a masterclass in suspense and dialogue, with characters that are as unpredictable as they are compelling.

Death on the Nile (2022) – Streaming on Fubo TV, Hulu

A Clue like movie 2022 set against the exotic and luxurious backdrop of a Nile cruise, “Death on the Nile” is a story of love, jealousy, and betrayal. As Detective Poirot tries to untangle the web of deceit among the passengers, the film offers a feast for the senses with its beautiful scenery and opulent detail, making the journey as visually captivating as it is narratively engrossing.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) – Streaming on Starz

This gripping thriller is a deep dive into a cold case that leads to the darkest corners of human nature. The film’s intense narrative and complex characters, especially the enigmatic Lisbeth Salander, make it a standout Clue like movie. The movie’s stark Swedish landscape and moody cinematography create an atmosphere that’s as chilling as the mystery itself.

Shutter Island (2010) – Streaming on Fubo TV, DIRECTV

Set on a desolate island housing a psychiatric facility, “Shutter Island” is a psychological thriller that plays with the concept of reality. The film’s twisty plot forces viewers to question what they’re seeing as the protagonist delves deeper into the asylum’s secrets. This movie like Clue is a mind-bending journey, with a pervasive sense of dread and a conclusion that’s as haunting as it is unexpected.

Identity (2003) – Streaming on Starz

In Identity, the isolation of the motel and the storm outside trap the characters in a setting that’s as psychological as it is physical. As the body count rises, the survivors must unravel the connection between them to solve the mystery. This new movie like Clue combines classic thriller tropes with a unique twist, resulting in a film that’s both a nod to traditional mysteries and a departure into something entirely its own.

Zodiac (2007) – Streaming on Fubo TV

Zodiac is a meticulous and haunting exploration of obsession. The film’s slow burn and attention to detail draw viewers into the world of amateur sleuths and professional detectives hunting for the notorious Zodiac Killer. As a Clue like movie, it offers no easy answers; instead, it delves into the complexities of the case and the personal cost of an unsolved mystery.

The Prestige (2006) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

This film is a tale of obsession and rivalry set against the backdrop of Victorian-era magic shows. “The Prestige” is as much about the art of illusion as it is about the mystery at its core. The film’s intricate plot and stunning revelations make it a mesmerizing Clue like movie, where nothing is as it seems, and the truth is as elusive as the characters’ quest for the ultimate illusion.

Mystic River (2003) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Mystic River is a gritty, emotional narrative that delves deep into the past and present of its characters. A movie like Clue is a devastating exploration of tragedy and its aftermath, examining how a single event can ripple through lives and unravel a community. The film’s powerful performances and intense storyline make it a profound, if somber, journey into the heart of a mystery.

The Illusionist (2006) – Streaming on Hoopla, DIRECTV

With its lush setting and romantic storyline, “The Illusionist” is a new movie like Clue that uses magic both as a plot device and a metaphor. The film’s twisty narrative and stunning visuals draw viewers into a world where love and deception collide, and the boundary between the possible and the impossible is constantly blurred.

Prisoners (2013) – Streaming on Netflix

This intense thriller delves into the desperation and moral ambiguity that can arise from a parent’s worst nightmare. As a clue like the movie 2022, “Prisoners” is a taut, gripping film that explores the lengths one will go to protect the family and uncover the truth, no matter the cost.

Gone Girl (2014) – Streaming on DIRECTV

Gone Girl is a psychological thriller that dissects media sensationalism and the complexities of marriage. The film’s layered narrative and shocking twists make it an unforgettable Clue like movie, where the perception of truth is as compelling and deceptive as the crime itself.

Inception (2010) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

This mind-bending film takes the mystery genre to a new level, exploring the labyrinthine world of dreams. “Inception” is a movie like Clue that combines heist film elements with a deep philosophical inquiry into the nature of reality, creating a multi-layered narrative that’s as intellectually stimulating as it is visually stunning.