Movies Like Coherence

Welcome to our sci-fi movie recommendation list! In the classic film Coherence, a group of friends solve the mystery at a comet passing night, which leads to an extraordinary adventure. If you want to discover more, have a look at this movies like Coherence list. Today, we will recommend more heart-racing sci-fi movies like Coherence.

  1. iBOY
  2. Triangle
  3. I Origins
  4. After Earth
  5. Come True
  6. The Prestige
  7. Snowpiercer
  8. Children of Men
  9. The Shape of Water
  10. Attack the Block
  11. Brian and Charles
  12. Possessor
  13. M3GAN
  14. Elysium
  15. 65


iBOY – Streaming on Netflix

IBOY is one of the movies like Coherence on Netflix. Tom is a regular man who has a thing for his childhood pal, Lucy. However, his chance is stolen away when a local gang breaks into her flat, beats up her brother, and raps her. Though his life is almost taken away as well since the rapists are still around and, while pursuing him, they decide it would be better to destroy him rather than trust their disguise will hide their identity. They do not kill him but rather bestow upon him superhuman abilities. He recovers from a coma with superpowers: he can telepathically hack into any computer network. Tom plans to use it for vengeance on Lucy.

Triangle – Streaming on Fubo TV, available on Amazon, Apple

When Jess and her companions board a boat, she has a bad sense that something is awry. When the boat encounters a storm, and the group must board a passing ocean liner to seek shelter, a ship Jess is certain she has been on previously, her suspicions are confirmed. The ship seems abandoned, and the clock has stopped, yet they are not alone. They’re being pursued one by one by someone. And Jess unintentionally possesses the key to put a stop to the torment. Let’s continue exploring more movies like Coherence and Triangle.

I Origins – Streaming on Max, available on Amazon, Apple

The molecular scientist Dr. Ian Gray is the subject of I Origins, the second full-length film from writer and filmmaker Mike Cahill. Dr. Gray devotes himself to research about eye evolution. When he encounters a young and exotic woman, he realizes the importance of his occupation. Years later, when his study is still being conducted, he and his lab companion Karen uncover an astounding scientific finding that confuses both his scientific and spiritual views. He risks all he has ever known by flying halfway around the world to prove his idea. There are many good movies like Coherence, come and follow us.

After Earth – Streaming on Hulu, Netflix, available on Amazon, Apple

One thousand years after catastrophic events drove mankind to flee the planet, a crash landing leaves youngster Kitai Raige and his illustrious father Cypher stranded. Cypher is in serious condition, so Kitai must set out on a dangerous trek to ask for assistance. Along the way, she will encounter undiscovered territory, advanced animal species that now govern the planet, and an unstoppable alien beast that fled following the crash. If they are to have any hope of getting home, father and son must learn to trust one another and work together. This film is one of the movies like Coherence 2013.

Come True – Streaming on Hulu, available on Amazon, Apple

18-year-old Sarah agrees to participate in a university sleep research in order to stop having recurring nightmares, but she quickly finds that she has become the conduit for this astonishing new knowledge. In this mind-altering new science-fiction work from Anthony Scott Burns that haunts the in-between hours of consciousness and sleep, dreams twist, and nightmares become reality. The immersion in Come True is definitely worth it because it is a timeless film fantasy. It is also one of the mind bending movies like Coherence.

The Prestige – Streaming on Fubo TV, available on Amazon, Apple

Two young magicians are determined to make a successful career in London since magicians were highly respected as celebrities at that time. Robert Angier is an excellent performer with an open mind, but Alfred Borden is not good at presenting his wonderful ideas, even though he is also a creative genius. The film is also rated 8.5 out of 10 among movies like Coherence IMDB.

Snowpiercer – -Available on Amazon, Apple

This is a popular one in the horror movies like Coherence. Except for those on board the Snowpiercer, the world remains frozen in the year 2031. The survivors have managed to live on this train for seventeen years, hoping to rebuild a social order. Encouraged by Curtis, a group of filthy workers intend to fight for rights and wealth. They have to struggle in every section of the train and bring fresh ideas to them. A revolution is taking place.

Children of Men – Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, available on Apple

Children of Men was released in 2006, and it is one of the movies like Primer and Coherence in the 2000s. When the human species loses the capacity to procreate, a future society risks annihilation. Up until a strict warden is appointed to impose martial law, England slips into chaos. The discovery of a woman becoming pregnant—the first kid to be born in 27 years—threatens the warden’s capacity to maintain discipline.

The Shape of Water – Streaming on Fubo TV, available on Amazon, Apple

A night janitor at a top-secret subterranean research facility, Elisa Esposito is a desolate and lonely woman who speaks no words. The mysterious scaly creature kept on a short leash inside a small water tank is unavoidably the center of attention; however, as an unlikely and frail hero tentatively steps forward to save this rare specimen, an empathic and almost mystical bond between species begins to timidly blossom. The Shape of Water is also an Oscar winner in the movies like Coherence movie.

Attack the Block – Steaming on Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, available on Apple

The sci-fi action comedy, written and directed by Joe Cornish, focuses on a group of teenage criminals and their South London housing complex, especially its unhappy leader, Moses, who is played amazingly understatedly by a young John Boyega. The rebellious youths are instantly attacked by extraterrestrial invaders when they commit a new kind of crime by mugging a kind nurse (a charming Jodie Whittaker). With their flashing blue teeth and pitch-black fur, these repulsive animals are only interested in destroying the lads and their tower. Okay, let’s move to more movies like Coherence.

Brian and Charles – Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, available on Apple

Brian and Charles Movies Like Coherence

Brian is a creative orphan who lives alone in a Welsh valley, spending time building strange equipment. When he discovers an abandoned mannequin head, his inspiration comes, and he invents some useful instruments. Most importantly, he created a robot named Charles. Charles learns English from the dictionary at the beginning, and then he has an independent mind. Charles longs for adventure, drawn to the larger world — or whatever is outside the cabin where Brian has shut him away. If you are interested in the films mentioned above, don’t hesitate to watch those similar movies like Coherence.

Possessor – Streaming on Hulu, available on Amazon, Apple

Possessor Movies Like Coherence

Tasya Vos is a mysterious organization’s elite assassin who can take over people’s bodies using brain-implant technology. To fulfill their wealthy customer’s desires, she manipulates them to carry out murders. After a daily mission goes wrong, she becomes locked in the head of a guy who also has a strong desire for murder, which poses a threat to her own life.

M3GAN – Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, available on Apple

M3GAN Movies Like Coherence

This is undoubtedly hit one of the movies like the Coherence. M3GAN is a bionic robot doll designed to be a friend and assistant in families. When she stays with children, she can quickly adapt and take care of them. Gemma has an 8-year-old niece named Cady, who is an orphan now, but Gemma is obviously not ready to be a parent. She decides to ask for help from M3GAN to deal with the daily problems, which leads to a series of unexpected consequences.

Elysium – Streaming on Hulu and Fubo TV, available on Amazon, Apple

Elysium Movies Like Coherence

There are two more movies like Triangle and Coherence. Max Da Costa, a troubled member of the future working class, is the subject of the science fiction film Elysium. Max must leave the impoverished and overpopulated Earth in order to receive medical care in the opulent space home for the wealthy known as Elysium. In order to preserve mankind, Da Costa must also save himself. The first half of Blomkamp’s movie offers a welcome allegorical critique of the unfair and sharply divided society we live in today, but the last third of the movie perpetuates preconceptions that need to be disproven.

65 – Streaming on Netflix, available on Amazon, Apple

65 Movies Like Coherence

Pilot Mills rapidly learns he’s actually stuck on Earth after a horrific accident on an unidentified planet in 65 million years. As the only two survivors, Mills and Koa must embark on a breathtaking adventure and struggle to live in a place surrounded by dangerous dinosaurs. There is just one chance for them to seek rescue. Discuss more with other movie lovers on movies like Coherence Reddit!