Movies Like Crazy Rich Asians

With an all-Asian ensemble, the 2018 romance comedy Crazy Rich Asians is undoubtedly one of the greatest romantic comedies ever made. With its unique song selection, fusion of Asian emotions, superb cast, and compelling storyline, Crazy Rich Asians captured the hearts of viewers. Production on the follow-up is about to begin. Here are 14 more movies like Crazy Rich Asians you may watch in the meantime, even if we can’t wait to see some films with cultural differences and family stories once more. Come and explore with us, and there are more movies to watch if you like Crazy Rich Asians.

Movies Like Crazy Rich Asians

  1. The Feels
  2. White Frog
  3. Seoul Searching
  4. The Joy Luck Club
  5. Better Luck Tomorrow
  6. Double Happiness
  7. Monster-in-Law
  8. Saving Face
  9. Notting Hill
  10. Mamma Mia!
  11. The Big Sick
  12. Always Be My Maybe
  13. Joy Ride
  14. The Farewell

The Feels – Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, Fubo TV, available on Apple TV

The Feels Movie Like Crazy Rich Asians

Recently, before getting married, Andi and Lu wanted to throw a celebration for their friends. It starts like any other celebration when friends get together in a cabin in the woods to celebrate Andy and Lou’s wedding. But Lou grumbled when it was revealed that he had never experienced an orgasm while intoxicated. Andy was a little taken aback by this news and realized how drastically things had changed. They consider honesty, trust, desire, and the difficult issues that frequently destroy relationships throughout the weekend. The bachelorette weekend devolved into an honest confessional. When we drink and reveal the truth, how many secrets do we divulge?

White Frog – Available on Vudu, Apple TV

White Frog Movie Like Crazy Rich Asians

The narrative takes place in a Chinese family living in San Francisco. Nick, the younger brother, is a high school student with autism, while his brother Chas is flawless. Nick confides only in Chas; he is nice and kind, looks after his brother well, and has a supportive circle of friends. But Chas dies in an accident, the family is engulfed in suffering, and Nick almost breaks under the strain. Nick received a call from Chas’s buddies asking for assistance escaping the shadows. Additionally, Nick at last saw his brother’s honest albeit flawed side. The family has finally come back together and learned the value of tolerance thanks to the oldest brother’s secret.

Seoul Searching – Available on Hulu, Amazon Prime Video

Seoul Searching Movie Like Crazy Rich Asians

For youths born abroad, the South Korean government established a unique summer camp in the 1980s so they could spend their summers in Seoul and see their nation. This diverse group of Korean high school students from all over the world get together to share the most significant summer of their lives. The program’s goals are noble, but the young people’s actions are not. A few years later, the initiative was finally discontinued because the authorities could not supervise young people. Three Korean males from the US, Mexico, and Germany are the main characters in the film, along with the girls they encounter that summer who permanently alter their relationship.

The Joy Luck Club – Streaming on Hoopla, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

The Joy Luck Club Movie Like Crazy Rich Asians

Four young Chinese ladies born in the US will discover their moms’ history—they were born in feudal China—through the lens of four pairs of Chinese mothers and daughters living in the US. The group’s main activities were playing mahjong and sharing tales of their journey from China to the US throughout the years, including marriages and childbirth. Though girls experience “feelings of anxiety, inadequacy, and failure,” mothers have high expectations for their daughters’ achievements. Telling each other about their moms’ pasts helps mothers and daughters understand each other better and resolve issues. It also strengthens their ties.

Better Luck Tomorrow – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Better Luck Tomorrow Movie Like Crazy Rich Asians

Let’s dive into more Crazy Rich Asian like movies! Ben Manibagh resides in an orthodox Orange County, California area where the three lines seem to be the only source of passion in life, along with equally repressive schools and classes. Ben was admitted into a prestigious Ivy League institution after graduating from high school at the top of his class. He just so happened to assist valedictorian Darrick Roux when he first started college. Ben settled in his new surroundings quickly and made a few pals. He discovers, however, that Darik, the most intelligent person in the class, appears to be hiding a lot of secrets beneath his seeming friendliness and trustworthiness.

Double Happiness (1994) – Available on Amazon Video

Double Happiness (1994) Movie Like Crazy Rich Asians

Chinese Canadian Jade Li, 22, comes from a traditional Chinese family that tries to “save face” by putting on the best public front possible at all costs. Prosperity is a fundamental component of this character. Through penny stocks, Jade’s father believes that actual financial wealth would materialize. Because of its volatility, Jade’s parents are unaware of her desire to become an actor and don’t talk about it often. Jade’s extended family likewise aspires to this aim, always attempting to introduce her to Chinese males, and their major desire is for her to date and marry a decent Chinese boy.

Monster-in-Law (2005) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Monster-in-Law (2005) Movie Like Crazy Rich Asians

The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law dynamic has always been difficult, and Charlie ran into the same issue. She runs into a significant issue just before her planned marriage to Kevin: Mrs. Fields, Kevin’s mother, has differing views on her prospective daughter-in-law. A once-respected job aside, Mrs. Fields was unable to tolerate Charlie’s “invasion” and gave her son her whole attention and devotion. Charlie, the unwelcome visitor, manages to discover true love despite Mrs. Fields and her assistant’s best efforts to get rid of her. Naturally, she could not give up without a fight, so the two sides started fighting in secret.

Saving Face (2004) – Streaming on Fubo TV, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Saving Face (2004) Movie Like Crazy Rich Asians

The young physician Wil is having success in his work. But not a partner. Her unmarried mother also expects a child, but she won’t say who the father is. Wil’s grandparents threw her out of the house and told her to find a husband to save face. The mother then knocked on her daughter’s door and briefly stayed there. Apart from her mother’s problems, Wil also needs to conceal a secret meticulously: she is a lesbian and fears her orthodox mother won’t accept it. As a result, Wil and his partner start dating in secret. Everyone has their knot to tie and is unsure of when to let it go. Don’t miss Crazy Rich Asians movies like it.

Notting Hill (1999) – Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, available on Apple TV

Notting Hill (1999) Movie Like Crazy Rich Asians

The well-known movie star Anna Scott is becoming more and more of an actor. She met her employer, William Thacker, who was dissatisfied with both his love and profession one day while she was in a Notting Hill bookstore. Pretending to be a reporter as a pretext to date Anna, William was shocked to learn that Anna was a well-known star and did not anticipate falling in love with her. The reporter finds out and abruptly ruins the two’s lovely lives after they quickly fall in love. The two are falling out because the media is pressuring Anna to decide.

Mamma Mia! (2008) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Mamma Mia! (2008) Movie Like Crazy Rich Asians

Sky and Sophie are getting ready for their approaching nuptials. But deep down, Sophie has always wanted her father to be able to physically put his hand on the groom’s hand on the wedding day. Sadly, her mother never revealed to her who her biological father was. Sophie finds herself forced to go through her mother’s journal, and among the three men listed, there is probably her biological father. She thus invited them to her wedding by sending out three invites. Thus, on this lovely Greek island, I put on a unique father story with the assistance of my closest friend. Will Sophie be able to have the ideal wedding and eventually discover who her biological father is?

The Big Sick (2007) – Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

The Big Sick (2007) Movie Like Crazy Rich Asians

Let’s dive into this classic movie like Crazy Rich Asians. Kumail Nanjiani works as a professional stand-up comedian by night and as an Uber driver by day. His parents wanted him to adhere to the Pakistani custom of an arranged marriage, even though they had relocated to the United States. Kumail did not tell his parents to stay happy, even if he disagreed. During a stand-up comedy engagement, Kumail met Emily V. Gordon, a graduate student. Their one-night fling gradually turned into a committed partnership. Kumail’s issues won’t even begin to come till Emily becomes ill and becomes comatose. Amid this dilemma, Kumail must decide between his desire for an American life and his family.

Always Be My Maybe (2019) – Streaming on Netflix

Always Be My Maybe (2019) Movie Like Crazy Rich Asians

Marcus and Sasha, who were childhood friends, haven’t talked for fifteen years after arguing during their adolescence. In Los Angeles, Sasha rose to fame as a chef, and she later opened a restaurant in her native San Francisco. Her closest friend and helper, Marcus, employs his father, Harry, to install the air conditioning. An uncomfortable reunion occurs between Sasha and Marcus, who haven’t seen one another in years. Living with his parents, Marcus has been employed by his father and performs with his band in the evenings. They quickly realize there are sparks again, maybe even some new ones, despite their reluctance to make up.

Joy Ride (2023) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Joy Ride (2023) Movie Like Crazy Rich Asians

The movie tracks four friends who are Asian Americans as they journey around China in quest of their biological mother, forming relationships along the way and learning the real meaning of self-awareness and self-love. Four unlikely companions set out on an international journey of a lifetime. Audrey enlists the assistance of Lolo, her irreverent childhood best friend, who is also a bother when her business trip to Asia goes wrong. Along with Kat, her college pal who rose to fame in Chinese soap operas, there’s the strange cousin Lolo called the Sharpshooter. Their unbridled epic experience develops into a voyage of camaraderie, friendship, acceptance, and revelry that offers universal insights into the meaning of self-awareness and self-love.

The Farewell (2019) – Streaming on Netflix, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

The Farewell (2019) Movie Like Crazy Rich Asians

Following Billie’s cherished and unbreakable grandma, a young Chinese-American lady with terminal lung cancer, is the focus of the movie. So as not to upset Grandma, Billy’s family chose to keep her in the dark and even staged an unplanned wedding in Changchun, China, Grandma’s birthplace, to bring the family members who were separated and allay suspicions. They allow the whole family to travel home for a final visit with Grandma under the guise of a wedding, but Billie, who was raised in New York, feels that her grandmother has a human right to know about her condition; consequently, there is a clash of Western and Chinese cultures in the Chinese family, leading to a family comedy exploring their origins. When you get this post so far, we are sure that you have found many favorite movies like Crazy Rich Asians.