Movies like Divergent

Science fiction movies encourage people to expand their imagination and freely imagine the future of mankind. In countless sci fi movies like Divergent, many themes such as technological change, alien invasion, and robot revolution give the audience the most shocking and thought-provoking watching experience and lead society to rethink the pros and cons of technology for human beings. Divergent has gained many fans love. If you are a fan of it and want to discover more movies like the Divergent series, check this list and follow our introduction!

Movies like Divergent

  1. Jumper
  2. Abduction
  3. Repo Men
  4. Prometheus
  5. Minority Report
  6. Beautiful Creatures
  7. Terminator: Dark Fate
  8. Independence Day: Resurgence
  9. Star Trek Into Darkness
  10. The Darkest Minds
  11. Fahrenheit 451
  12. Chaos Walking
  13. The 6th Day
  14. I, Robot
  15. Priest

Jumper (2008) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Jumper (2008) Movies like Divergent

Jumper is one of the movies like Divergent. David Rice was born with an enigmatic ability of which many have only heard tales. He can travel through wormholes in the fabric of space-time to whatever city, building, or location his mind chooses. This gives him total mobility. He has thus far exploited his abilities to flee his past, benefit from limitless riches, and maintain his unwavering independence. He has never experienced boundaries, restrictions, or repercussions. Or a meaningful connection. Right now. But the reality of David’s situation starts to sink in when he meets Griffin, a fiery, nomadic rebel who is just like him.

Abduction (2011) – Streaming on Hulu, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Abduction (2011) Movies like Divergent

A struggling high school senior, Nathan Harper has always known he was unique. Nathan’s existence has been based on falsehoods, so things take a dangerous turn for the worse when he discovers a childhood photo of himself on the national missing people register. Now that his life is in jeopardy and every chance is stacked against him, a scared Nathan is drawn further and farther into a deadly game of CIA intrigue in which nobody can be trusted, and nothing is what it seems.

Repo Men (2010) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Repo Men (2010) Movies like Divergent

In the near future, “The Union” will offer pricey prosthetics to enhance the lives of its consumers. The firm dispatches repo men to recover the artificial organs for individuals who fail to make the installment payments. Among the top salesmen in the organization are the ex-soldiers Remy and his closest buddy Jake; nevertheless, Remy’s work causes his marriage to fail, and his wife Carol leaves him. Remy requires a heart transplant after a defibrillator mishap, just as he is about to ask to be moved to the sales department in an attempt to keep his marriage intact.

Prometheus (2012) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Prometheus (2012) Movies like Divergent

Scientists think they have found the key to solving the greatest riddle of all time—the origins of humanity on Earth—in a rare star chart. A group of explorers on board the spacecraft Prometheus ventured into the cosmos’ depths to uncover the truth. Ship captain Janek is in charge of the expedition, while Meredith Vickers, a worker for Weyland Corporation, is in charge of it. Because of her odd behavior, others on board wonder what her true motivation is. As the group sets out on the trip, they find a sophisticated extraterrestrial culture. Follow us to explore other movies like Divergent.

Minority Report (2002) – Streaming on Paramount+, DIRECTV, available on Amazon Video

Minority Report (2002) Movies like Divergent

It is the not-too-distant future where homicide rates have risen to the point where a formal system needs to be established. Three psychics use a method known as Precrime to predict murders before they happen. Letting the cops prevent the murders. In his tenure in Washington, D.C., police officer John Anderton has prevented several killings; this technology is currently being produced there. He discovered one day that he was the murderer’s next victim. He is now attempting to escape from a system he assisted in becoming successful and investigating why he was put up to kill.

Beautiful Creatures (2013) – Streaming on Max, DIRECTV, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Beautiful Creatures (2013) Movies like Divergent

Before a strange female enters his dreams, teenager Ethan Wate is consumed with his desire to graduate from high school, continue his education, and move away from the little town of Gatlin, South Carolina. He recognizes Lena Duchannes—a recent student who has just joined his school—as the girl he had dreamed of the moment he met her. Because Lena is the niece of Macon Ravenwood, whom the superstitious people of the village believe to be a devil worshiper, she is shunned by the other students.

Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) – Streaming on DIRECTV, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) Movies like Divergent

Let’s dive into other movies like the Divergent. An almost unbreakable future terminator, a REV-9, is pursuing Dani Ramos, a young female Mexican laborer. But Grace, an enhanced human from the future, is there to defend her. As they escape, the relentless terminator, Sarah Connor, unexpectedly assists them.

Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) – Streaming on DIRECTV, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) Movies like Divergent

The world has been bracing itself for an inevitable second wave of extraterrestrial invasions for the past two long decades of calm following the catastrophic alien invasion that threatened to wipe out the Earth and all life forms on Independence Day. An unseen and far larger spacecraft armada approaches our solar system intending to loot our planet’s resources while specialists from several countries and David Levinson, the head of the Earth Space Defence program, collaborate to search the skies for indications of hostile activity.

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) – Streaming on Paramount+, DIRECTV, available on Amazon Video

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) Movies like Divergent

In this amazing movies similar to Divergent, an overwhelming force of aggression from inside their organization has exploded the fleet and everything it stands for, leaving our globe in a state of turmoil as the crew of the USS Enterprise is summoned home. Captain Kirk organizes a quest to find a single guy who is a weapon of mass devastation in a conflict-ridden globe because he has a personal grudge. Love will be tested, friendships will be shattered, and sacrifices will need to be made for the one remaining family Kirk has his crew as our space heroes are thrust into an epic chess match of life and death.

The Darkest Minds (2018) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

The Darkest Minds (2018) Movies like Divergent

Teens with unexplained and formidable new abilities are taken into custody by the government as threats. Ruby, 16, flees her camp and joins a group of fugitive teenagers looking for safety. This newly formed family quickly learns that escaping is not an option in a society where the adults in positions of authority have deserted them; instead, they must fight back and use their combined might to reclaim their destiny. Keep following us to discover movies like Hunger Games and Divergent.

Fahrenheit 451 (2018) – Streaming on Max, DIRECTV, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Fahrenheit 451 (2018) Movies like Divergent

One firefighter starts to doubt his convictions in a world where the media is an opiate, computer bots take over daily tasks, history is altered or omitted, and famous “firemen” destroy books. Based on the famous novel by Ray Bradbury, Michael B. Jordan plays a firefighter trained to succeed his captain—until he begins to flip through a book.

Chaos Walking (2021)- Streaming on Fubo TV, DIRECTV, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Chaos Walking (2021) Movies like Divergent

Todd was raised in Prentisstown to believe that the Spackle discharged a disease that killed every woman and turned the remaining males into Noise. His adoptive parents immediately inform him that he must go once he finds a quiet area in the marsh, leaving him with little more than a map of the New World, a note, and many unsolved problems. He quickly learns that Viola, a female, is the reason behind the quiet.

The 6th Day (2000) – Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

The 6th Day (2000) Movies like Divergent

In the not-too-distant future, cloning is applied to everything except humans. A family guy named Adams Gibson finds himself unlawfully cloned by Replacement Technologies, a cloning company, shattering his life. In his quest to regain his life, Adam discovers who and why he was cloned. But before Adam reveals their truth, the evil guys of the company are trying to get him. To reclaim his family and identity, he teams up with his imposter to fight back against the gangsters who carry laser guns and the strong Replacement Technologies.

I, Robot (2004) – Streaming on Hulu, DIRECTV, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

I, Robot (2004) Movies like Divergent

It is 2035. The whole world is dependent on a massive network of robots that have been designed with the express purpose of assisting people and posing no threat to them. However, one individual does not believe that robots are beneficial. Del Spooner is a Chicago homicide investigator. However, one day, he got a call from United States Robotics (USR) informing him that famous robot scientist Dr. Alfred J. Laning had passed away recently. Spooner quickly attributed this incident to robots without providing any evidence or rationale. He then looks into Lanning’s demise and finds Sonny, a “unique” robot. It is one of the romance movies like Divergent on Hulu.

Priest (2011) – Streaming on AMC, available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Priest (2011) Movies like Divergent

The Church appoints warrior-priests to defeat the vampires after centuries of conflict between humans and vampires. The humans live in disorderly cities under the control of the Church, while the surviving are housed in reserves and hives. Because of their fear of the strength of their combat ability, the Church shuns the warrior-priests. Following the murder of Shannon and Owen Pace by vampires and the kidnapping of their niece Lucy, the local sheriff, Hicks, approaches Owen’s brother, the Priest, to find Lucy. After being refused permission to approach Monsignor Orelas, the Priest violates his vow and sets off with Hicks to find the vampires and save Lucy before they can transform her into a vampire. You can access the best movies like Divergent on Amazon Prime, as mentioned above, easily.