Movies Like Fall

Movies Like Fall

Survival movies always make viewers feel personally on the scenes with attractive plots, excellent performance, and professional technique production. Fall is one of the globally acclaimed survival movies. Climbing onto the top of a 2000-foot antenna tower is possible to happen there. If you are waiting for its sequel, why not see some similar movies like Fall with us first?

12 Movies Like Fall

  1. Mother/Android
  2. Triangle of Sadness
  3. Centigrade
  4. 9 Bullets
  5. Escape Room
  6. The Martian
  7. Noah
  8. Titane
  9. A Lonely Place to Die
  10. Frozen
  11. The Impossible
  12. Open Water

Mother/Android (2021)- Streaming on Hulu

Mother Android (2021) Movies Like Fall

Mother/Android revolves around a young adult couple, pregnant Georgia and her boyfriend Sam. Their country is trapped in an unexpected war with artificial intelligence. As the arrival day of their first child approaches, they must journey through hazardous territory to Boston, which they believe is one of the last strongholds, and then board a boat to a safe zone in Korea.

Triangle of Sadness – Streaming on Hulu, available on Amazon, Apple

Triangle of Sadness Movies Like Fall

Triangle of Sadness is a bitter satire of hypocritical rich people and celebrities. The supermodel couple Carl and Yaya are invited to a cruise party held for the billionaire; there are various figures gathering on the luxury boat, including merchant princes from different countries and famous celebrities.

It is a paradise for the rich since customers are always right here, even though they are totally wrong. All crew are forbidden to say no to customers, no matter how ridiculous they are. However, a horrible storm turns this pleasant dream into a nightmare, and the rich passengers face a lifetime challenge. They hold the ship firmly and helplessly, finally abandoned on an isolated island when the ship sinks.

Centigrade – Streaming on Hulu, available on Amazon, Apple

Centigrade Movies Like Fall

Matthew and Naomi journey through Norway’s Arctic highlands. A sudden snowfall traps them in their car and the vehicle has been buried beneath snow and ice. It’s a completely frozen ice jail for them. Worse, Naomi is eight months pregnant. Tension and mutual blame come when they run out of food. Mattew and Naomi recognize that they must work together to combat the horrible weather and physical pain.

9 Bullets – Streaming on Hulu, available on Amazon, Apple

9 Bullets Movies Like Fall

In the road trip film 9 Bullets, Sam unfortunately witnesses his parents’s murder. In order to save this little neighbor, Gypsy risks her life, taking him to a safe zone, seeing it as a redemption. As a result, she finds forgiveness and a second shot at life. As she runs for her life from the notorious criminal leader, she finds the evil guy who happens to be her longtime ex, Jack.

Escape Room – Streaming on Hulu, available on Amazon, Apple

Escape Room Movies Like Fall

Six strangers gather to take part in a mysterious escape room challenge for a chance to win a substantial cash reward. It is quite clear that this game is not like other games as soon as they go inside the painstakingly designed puzzle areas.

The participants quickly learn that the chambers are deadly, with each scenario providing perilous obstacles depending on their prior experiences. The gang must cooperate in order to solve the riddles of each area while overcoming their personal demons as the stress mounts and the clock counts down.

The Martian – Available on Amazon, Apple

The Martian Movies Like Fall

Astronaut Mark Watney is assumed dead during a severe storm while on a human trip to Mars and is abandoned by his team. To everyone’s surprise, Watney survives on Mars. He has no choice but to live with a few foods and tries his best to make people aware of his existence. At the same time, the crew comes up with a risky and unlikely rescue plan. NASA also cooperates with professional scientists. When Watney returns successfully, the whole world applauds for his bravery. The film is also based on a popular book and directed by master filmmaker Ridley Scott.

Noah (2014) – Streaming on Prime Video Amazon

Noah (2014) Movies Like Fall

In a cruel world, Noah is a kind man. God gives him a vision of a future in which sinners are swept away in a massive flood, and Noah is entrusted with rescuing the defenseless non-human animals. Amazingly, the world doesn’t seem that biblical. There aren’t any hippy robes and sandals in this place. It’s a desolate environment that both evokes the dawn of humanity and the end of the world. Noah builds the ark that would contain the final remnants of the ancient world after following his vision to the mountain of his great-grandfather Methuselah.

Despite the fact that Noah’s family obeys, they do so with some hesitation. Only one of Noah’s three sons had a female partner. He wants his second son Ham to find a bride since he doesn’t particularly like the notion of living alone on a boat with farm animals for the rest of his life. The characters’ portrayals have a great deal of depth, vulnerability, and flaws. Noah starts to question if the goal of his voyage is to save the animals or to lead humans to extinction. If all people are evil, shouldn’t the new Eden the creator is creating also be purified of them?

Titane (2021) – Streaming on Hulu, available on Amazon, Apple

Titane (2021) Movies Like Fall

In her early years, Alexia had a horrific event that resulted in the placement of a titanium plate into her skull. It seems to encourage her to value the automobile more than her parents. She meets Justine while performing at several auto events as an adult. She brutally kills a fan one night after they both attempt to kiss her. Soon after, her automobile unexplainably begs her for sexual activity.

She seems to be pregnant the next morning, and her attempts to induce miscarriage are fruitless. She violently kills Justine and the other guests at a home party in a fit of wrath. She then locks her parents inside before setting the home on fire. Alexia takes the persona of an abducted child whose case was sensationally reopened while being pursued by the police. Vincent, the father of the lost kid, accepts Alexia without having her undergo a DNA test. Until the mother of the kid shows up and reveals the truth about her and, even more so, about Vincent, they coexist as father and son. Titane is also one of the best movies like Fall 2022.

A Lonely Place to Die (2011) – Available on Amazon, Apple

A Lonely Place to Die (2011) Movies Like Fall

An eight-year-old girl is found buried among the peaks by a party of mountain climbers. She is afraid, exhausted, and unable to utter a word of English. The leader of the organization, Alison, persuades her team to save her. They use a conduit reaching to the top to provide oxygen for the girl to breathe. But as they try to get the child to safety, they become embroiled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the kidnappers.

Frozen (2010) – Streaming on Prime Video Amazon

Frozen (2010) Movies Like Fall

As the ski resort closes for the year, three buddies spend a few days in the ski resort. The group is locked on a chairlift on the very last day of the center’s activities. Before they understand they need to take action, a few hours pass. They will also have to deal with other dangers in addition to the bitter cold and are forced to battle freezing, savage wolves and perilous heights to stay alive.

The Impossible (2012) – Available on Amazon, Apple

The Impossible (2012) Movies Like Fall

Maria, Henry, and their three boys fly to Thailand for their winter holiday, eager to spend a few days in a tropical paradise. However, on a morning in December, as the family relaxes by the pool after their Christmas celebrations the previous evening, a horrifying roar erupts from the underground. A massive wall of black water rushes toward Maria over the hotel grounds.

The family is trapped in the chaos of one of the deadliest natural disasters, together with thousands of strangers. The true-life dread, however, is mitigated by the surprising shows of compassion, courage, and plain kindness that Maria and her family meet during their darkest hours.

Open Water (2003) – Available on Amazon, Apple

Open Water (2003) Movies Like Fall

Susan’s tight schedule makes her and Daniel can’t have a proper rest, but eventually, they decide to go on a short trip, which is a perfect chance to revive their cold marriage. They walk around the town for the first day and join a diving group to enjoy scuba diving. Instead of following the group, they swim away from the crew. Unfortunately, When the diving is over, the guide miscounts the number, and Susan and Daniel are left behind. Now, I’m sure that you have known more movies like Fall.