Movies Like Flipped

Stories of love, passion, and heartache abound in the world of romantic films. Every so often, though, a movie emerges that cuts above the crowd and presents a novel and energizing perspective on adolescent love. “Flipped” is one film in particular that has won the hearts of viewers around. Bryce and Juli are two teenage neighbors who manage the ups and downs of their developing relationship. We have prepared a wonderful movie list for you if you are looking for more movies like Flipped. Let today’s discovery journey begin! We are sure that you will find your favorite movies like Flipped 2010.

Movies Like Flipped

  1. Little Manhattan
  2. Moonrise Kingdom
  3. About time
  4. The Fault in Our Stars
  5. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
  6. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  7. A Walk to Remember
  8. The Notebook
  9. The First Time
  10. The Edge of Seventeen
  11. The Half of It
  12. Drive Me Crazy
  13. My Girl
  14. Never Been Kissed
  15. The Holiday
  16. Crush

Little Manhattan (2005) – Streaming on Prime Video, available on Apple TV and Youtube

Little Manhattan (2005) Movie Like Flipped

Two children, ages ten and eleven, fall in love in New York City. It’s Rosemary, a new karate student and an old buddy from kindergarten, whom ten-year-old Gabe starts to feel something for. Gabe is thrilled to find that he grows charmed with her and her life as they spend more time together. Gabe starts to ponder what happened to him and why he fell in love with Rosemary because of the obvious discrepancies between their home life. Following his declaration of love for Rosemary, Gabe discovers that they are traveling in different ways. He does not know how to feel about his parent’s divorce and his own experience with love. Follow this post, and you will find more movies like Little Manhattan and Flipped Next.

Moonrise Kingdom (2012) – Streaming on Prime Video, available on Apple TV and Youtube

Moonrise Kingdom (2012) Movie Like Flipped

1965 on an English island with no name. On a typical morning, Scout Master Ward unexpectedly discovered a young cadet. Sam ran away, and it was up to island policeman Sharp to assist the teacher in tracking him down. As they continue their investigation, they learn that Sam’s abduction is not random but rather connected to Suzy, a local lawyer couple’s daughter who is also missing. The worried father was unaware that his spouse was having an extramarital affair with the policeman. Thus, an ironic search was initiated by the drill sergeant, police officer, boy scout, lawyer, and husband and wife.

About time (2013) – Streaming on Netflix, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

About time (2013) Movie Like Flipped

Tim Lake discovered all of a sudden, at the age of 21, that he was capable of time travel. Tim decided to use his talent to find himself a partner even though he cannot change history because minor things have happened and will continue to happen in his life. After moving to London to pursue his legal studies on the Cornish coast, Tim eventually meets Mary, a stunning but reserved girl. The pair became enamored. Tim, however, unintentionally altered a tiny detail in a “crossing”—the “butterfly effect”—which means he will never get the chance to see Mary again. Tim encountered Mary often through his persistent efforts, and he eventually won her heart. It is one of the movies like Flipped on Netflix.

The Fault in Our Stars (2014) – Streaming on Disney+, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

The Fault in Our Stars (2014) Movie Like Flipped

Hazel, a stunning sixteen-year-old, suffers from lung cancer. Hazel’s situation has improved recently, but she still doesn’t feel completely at ease. She almost lost all zest and hope for life because the disease can reappear at any time, and therapy cannot be stopped. Hazel happened to run into Augustus, a lovely lad with bone cancer, during a cancer buddy’s gathering. As the two young people in comparable situations get to know one another and explore the small portion of the world that God has given for them, Hazel begins to see hope and a future.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (2015) – Streaming on Disney+, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (2015) Movie Like Flipped

Aged seventeen, Greg attends a tall, slender high school. Like most kids, Greg worries he won’t fit in, so he works hard to show off his good traits by maintaining friendly relationships with his classmates and other school social circles and by projecting an air of ease and relaxation around others. Greg is so circumspect that he even calls his best pal Earl a “collaborator” as opposed to a “friend.” He befriends Rachel, a classmate who is battling leukemia, since his mother is worried about what he is doing. She unexpectedly becomes close to Greg and Earl and encourages them to pursue their creative goals.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012) – Streaming on Prime Video, available on Apple TV and Youtube

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012) Movie Like Flipped

Charlie, a quiet and lonely freshman in high school, is sensitive and has tear ducts that are older than he is. He spends all of his time watching his friends and family. His greatest buddy committed suicide, he was tormented by classmates, he lost an aunt who had given him a birthday present, and he experienced unrequited love. Charlie is not the worst, though, since there are a lot of others who are pushed by life into difficult situations, much like him. Charlie is fortunate to have two older friends who are full of life experience: the self-assured homosexual kid Patrick and the rebellious and flirtatious teenager Sam. These friends teach Charlie that it’s not always possible to be a spectator in life; sometimes, you have to be involved to have your own amazing experience. Follow us to discover excellent movies like Flipped.

A Walk to Remember (2002) – Streaming on Hoopla, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

A Walk to Remember (2002) Movie Like Flipped

The sole child of Harbor Town’s wealthiest man, Langton Carter, is an archetypal bad kid. Following yet another mishap, Langton was sentenced to volunteer labor that was worse for him than prison: instructing student writers at a local elementary school and going to the school’s spring show. But it was precisely because of this mishap that Langton got to know Jamie Sullivan. Jamie, the local pastor’s daughter, is a normal, kind girl who spends a lot of her free time volunteering. She began to see that Langton was not as horrible as she had initially believed. They surprisingly fall in love as their relationship grows stronger over time. However, Jamie’s father doesn’t think so at this time.

The Notebook (2004) – Streaming on Hoopla, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

The Notebook (2004) Movie Like Flipped

Let’s continue exploring other movies like Flipped. Ellie is an affluent family’s daughter who spends her summers in the city with her family. I met Noah in a playground of dreams. Despite lacking money, Noah led a contented life. He gives Ellie freedom and makes her laugh, and the two fall in love right away. The two lovers are compelled to part ways, nonetheless, due to Ellie’s parents’ interference. After seven years of covertly hiding Noah’s 365 letters, Ellie ultimately gave up waiting. The White House Noah had promised to construct for her was suddenly visible to her in the newspaper the day before she was scheduled to join the church. The entire awful tale was written down in the notebook.

The First Time (2012) – Available on Apple TV and Prime Video

The First Time (2012) Movie Like Flipped

Thoughts of his best friend Jane Harmon, a girl he can never have, obsess high school student Dave Hodgman. A separate high school is attended by junior Aubrey Miller. The only other person he seems to comprehend or care about is his older lover, Ronnie. Dave and Aubrey become friends following their encounter at a party. They made up their minds to get together at the end of the week without thinking twice. Aubrey and Dave experience the thrill of first love throughout an engrossing, passionate, bewildering, and joyous weekend.

The Edge of Seventeen (2016) – Streaming on Plex, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

The Edge of Seventeen (2016) Movie Like Flipped

Nadine’s friends taunt her a lot since she’s always been a weird and withdrawn person. Krista shines like a beacon in Nadine’s life. Since their initial meeting, they had been together, sharing secrets and happiness. Even when the two girls become older and enter high school, their relationship doesn’t change. Nadine does not care that her brother Darian is a lovely, sunny man even though she is a gloomy adolescent and she has Krista as a friend. However, Nadine discovers, to her dismay, one day, that Krista and Darian are sharing a bed. While all of this is going on, Nadine is trying to get close to Nick but is having trouble doing so.

The Half of It (2020) – Streaming on Netflix

The Half of It (2020) Movie Like Flipped

Ellie Chu, an honor student who is unfriendly, lives in the isolated village of Squamish and makes extra money by helping her classmates with their schoolwork. Paul Munsky, a nonverbal football player, approaches her and requests that she compose a love letter to Astor Flores, a student. After discovering that her home’s energy would be turned off if they were unable to make the minimal payment, Ellie changed her mind and accepted the job. Paul wants assistance in wooing a popular girl. But when Ellie finds out she has emotions for the same girl, their new, odd connection becomes more complex.

Drive Me Crazy (1999) – Streaming on Disney+, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Drive Me Crazy (1999) Movie Like Flipped

Nicole is a typical high school student who likes fashion and gossip and secretly has a thing for a basketball player. But it doesn’t seem like Nicole’s prince charming is concerned about her. Nicole’s neighbor Chase formerly had a really beautiful and amazing girlfriend. But the girl just broke up with him, which has made Chase quite unhappy. Once they hit it off, the two came up with an absurd plan to appear to be dating to get their ex-partners to notice them. Does this ancient tactic have any merit? They gradually realize that instead of focusing on unreachable stars, they need to be searching for genuine love.

My Girl (1991) – Streaming on Netflix, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

My Girl (1991) Movie Like Flipped

Vida, a little girl, has unique perspectives on life and death due to her early mother’s death and her father owning a funeral company. She also harbors a deep fear of dying. The only thing the reserved Thomas can do is softly follow the girl since the lad will be able to see all of Vida’s pleasures and sorrows in her eyes. Thomas passed away in an accident that Vader instigated. Vader was saddened to see her lover go from her once more, but she was eventually able to appreciate the things that matter in life thanks to the support and advice of her father and stepmother.

Never Been Kissed (1999) – Streaming on Disney+, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Never Been Kissed (1999) Movie Like Flipped

Although Josie works as an editor, her ultimate goal is to become a journalist. The publication allowed Josie to report on campus while posing as a high school student in an attempt to boost sales. However, as soon as she stepped onto campus, her friends started making fun of her, calling her an ugly duckling. She then gets dressed up in an attempt to approach high school kids. Furthermore, the report she submitted fell short of the boss’s requirements. Things improved, and she was eventually welcomed by her peers. However, contradicting events struck her once more: Josie fell in love with the school teacher, Sam, and her supervisor asked her to report on the state of the instructors and pupils at the school. If you are interested in classic romance films, don’t miss Flipped movies like it.

The Holiday (2006) – Streaming on Hulu, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

The Holiday (2006) Movie Like Flipped

Amanda is a stunning American living in Los Angeles, whereas Alice is a rural girl from London, England. Although they reside in different parts of the country, they share a common issue: they have had emotional failures that have darkened their lives. Before Christmas, the two had an online talk about their respective living environments and the two sides of the house as a holiday gathering place. A thrilling adventure had so started. While Alice arrives in the American city, Amanda flies to the English countryside, which exudes a decidedly British vibe. Not only was the new living environment unfamiliar to them, but the local males’ appeal also took them by surprise.

Crush (2022) – Streaming on Hulu

Crush (2022) Movie Like Flipped

Paige Evans has long harbored a pleasant crush on Gabby Campos, a popular classmate. Up until KingPun, an unidentified artist, defaces the school with punning graffiti. Page’s interest in painting led many kids and school officials to believe she was at fault. She accepts to join the track team and finds out who the actual KingPun is to escape punishment. It also provides her the opportunity to go after a girl she’s been crushing on for a while. Paige and her track buddy Gabby had a great relationship, were good friends, and even shared a kiss.