Movies Like Lolita

When age and identity become obstacles on the road to love, most people will choose to give up in order to avoid public criticism. However, some people bravely challenge traditional norms and pursue the ones they love. In Lolita, Humbert Humbert, a middle-aged man, becomes obsessed with 12-year-old Lolita. Although the film has been banned in many countries, it is considered a classic in forbidden love films. If you are a fan of it and want to discover more movies like Lolita, this article will be a good help for you.

movies like Lolita

  1. Ammonite
  2. The Reader
  3. Fifty Shades of Grey
  4. Unfaithful
  5. An Education
  6. Notes on a scandal
  7. Eyes Wide Shut
  8. Under the Eiffel Tower
  9. Damage
  10. The Lost Daughter
  11. Dangerous Liaisons
  12. Guenevere
  13. gods and monsters
  14. Stealing Beauty
  15. Indecent Proposal
  16. The Crush
  17. Blue Is The Warmest Color
  18. Snow Angels
  19. Elena Undone
  20. Good Luck to You, Leo Grand

Table of Contents

Ammonite(2020) – Streaming on Hulu, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Ammonite(2020) movies like Lolita

Following a terrible personal tragedy, Roderick and Charlotte Murchison move to Mary’s coastal village of Lyme Regis in 1840s England. Roderick entrusts his wife to Mary’s care, hoping the ocean air is helpful to her health. Mary is unwilling to do this since collecting fossils is not an easy thing, and she likes to be alone. But the Murchisons have money, and Mary has no reason to refuse it. This is the first one of the Lolita like movies.

The Reader(2008) – Streaming on Prime video, available on Apple TV and Google Play Movies

The Reader(2008) movies like Lolita

Michael Berg gets help from a stranger named Hanna, who is twice his age. The two are involved in a passionate but private romantic relationship quickly. Michael learns that Hanna enjoys being read to, and their physical connection grows. When Hanna abruptly vanishes one day, Michael is left bewildered and upset. Eight years later, Michael meets Hanna again. But this time, he is a law student watching the Nazi war crimes trials, and she is a defendant in the courtroom. Let’s dive into more movies like Lolita 1997.

Fifty Shades of Grey(2015) – Streaming on Max, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Fifty Shades of Grey(2015) movies like Lolita

College student Anastasia dates an influential boss named Christian Grey. They encounter an interview, and Anastasia catches Christian’s attention. and he gives her a contract and non-disclosure agreement, which contains a kind of relationship of “dominance and submission.” Although she doesn’t sign the contract, she does give her virginity to him. It is regarded as one of the erotic movies like Lolita.

Unfaithful (2002) – Streaming on Hulu, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Unfaithful (2002) movies like Lolita

The American ideal is being lived by Edward and Connie Sumner, a lovely middle-aged couple. They live a luxurious life in the New York City suburbs with their son, 8, a dog, and a housekeeper. But every existence is tested in some way: When Connie has a tragic brush with a stranger named Paul on a Soho street, this beautiful marriage—which has been tempered by the rituals of wealth—falls victim to an outsider. She is assaulted by the mystery, spontaneity, appeal, and danger of the encounter. Connie will be drawn into an affair, which will turn into her obsession. It is one of the movies like. Lolita.

An Education(2009) – Streaming on Hulu, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

An Education(2009) movies like Lolita

Don’t miss it if you are curious about more free full length Lolita like movies. The coming-of-age tale of a young girl takes place in 1961 London, a city torn between the dismal, post-war 1950s and the fashionable, more liberal decade to follow. Jenny, a phenomenally intelligent and gorgeous 16-year-old whose suburban existence is about to be upended by the wholly inappropriate 30-something David, sits on the cusp of becoming a woman. David, who is smart and urbane, charms her strict parents, Jack and Marjorie. David exposes Jenny to a glamorous new world of classical concerts and late-night dinners with his gorgeous friend and business partner, Danny, and Danny’s girlfriend, the stunning but vain Helen. Stream it with a Hulu subscription, and you will get more free movies like Lolita.

Notes on a scandal (2006) – Available on Amazon and Google Play Movies

Notes on a scandal (2006) movies like Lolita

The seductive Sheba, a brand-new teacher at St. George’s, has a relationship with one of Barbara’s 15-year-old students she learns as a middle-aged history teacher. As Sheba’s top defender, Barbara steps up right away. But as Sheba quickly learns, a friend can be just as vicious as any lover. Everything is not as it seems. This film is available on Amazon and Apple TV, and we will find an HBO movie like Lolita for you.

Eyes Wide Shut (1999) – Streaming on Paramount Plus, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Eyes Wide Shut (1999) movies like Lolita

After his wife confesses to having thoughts about a guy she met and chastises him for being dishonest by not acknowledging his own desires, the doctor develops an obsession with having sex. He then has fruitless experiences with a hooker and the daughter of a deceased patient as a result. But when he goes to a bar where his pianist buddy Nick Nightingale is performing, he finds out about a covert sexual organization and chooses to go to one of their congregations. He rapidly realizes, though, that he is in much over his head and that both himself and his family are in danger. It is definitely a must-see for those who like Lolita movie.

Under the Eiffel Tower(2019) – Streaming on Hulu, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Under the Eiffel Tower(2019) movies like Lolita

After losing his job, Stuart accepts his buddy Frank’s invitation to move live with his family in Paris. As a result, Frank’s 26-year-old daughter Rosalind and Frank’s wife Tillie encourage Stuart to go home and make a fool of himself. Stuart eventually ran into Liam as a result. Someone who comes off as kind, though a little odd, but since Frank is a Kentucky man traveling alone in France, speaking English with a Scot is better than nothing. Particularly considering that Liam is a natural talker and introduces them to Louise. After Stuart proves to be helpful in several ways, they are allowed to stay with someone who owns a winery and chateau. As a Lolita like movie, this film is also highly acclaimed.

Damage (1992) – Available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Damage (1992) movies like Lolita

There is another Lolita movie like Damage. A rising politician named Stephen Fleming meets Anna Barton, a strange but alluring art expert, during a social gathering. Even though he knew she was his son Martin’s fiancée, Stephen had an overwhelming affection for this odd young woman right away. Stephen is more motivated than ever to be with Anna after learning about her horrible history. They spend many hours each week together and have a hidden romance. While Anna was content with the arrangement, Stephen was not; he desired to divorce his wife and move in with his mistress. Stephen soon learned that Anna was getting married to Martin after she turned him down.

The Lost Daughter(2021) – Streaming on Netflix

The Lost Daughter(2021) movies like Lolita

This is a movie like Lolita Netflix. Leda Caruso, a tearful-eyed English professor and translator, chooses to take a brief working vacation to a sun-kissed Greek island since she is too consumed with anger to free herself from a heavy conscience. Leda is determined to enjoy her vacation this time because, after spending over half her life at odds with her needs, wants, and even urges, she knows that the simple things in life are what matter. Leda spends her free time reading, going to the beach, and enjoying the pleasure of dining alone, but bad omens and an impertinent intrusion in the form of gorgeous Nina’s raucous family threaten to ruin the ephemeral fantasy. Now, we still have 10 movies like Lolita to explore.

Dangerous Liaisons(1988) – Available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Dangerous Liaisons(1988) movies like Lolita

The next movie like Lolita 1997, is Dangerous Liaisons. The Vicomte de Valmont and the Marquise de Merteuil engage in a lighthearted game of seduction in 18th-century France. Merteuil dares Valmont to seduce Cecile de Volanges, a virgin who is about to get married because Valmont values his sexual victories above all else in his life. He refuses, stating that it would be too simple. He genuinely wants Madame de Tourvel, so she challenges him to bed Tourvel instead, but he has to provide written evidence. Merteuil gets ferociously jealous, though, when she discovers that Valmont has genuinely fallen in love with Tourvel. Soon after, there is death and disgrace.

Guenevere (1999) – Streaming on Showtime Apple TV and Paramount Plus Apple TV

Guenevere (1999) movies like Lolita

This passionate, funny tale of a young lady finding life and love in the arms of an older guy stars Stephen Rea, a favorite on the big screen! Awkward teenage Harper Sloane, who was raised in a wealthy family of achievers, was always the odd one out—until great photographer Connie Fitzpatrick decided to focus his attention on her! He’s going to open her eyes to a world of opportunities she had never considered! Harper must prove herself to her judgmental mother—and the rest of the world—on her own, even if Connie is helping her come out of her shell.

Gods and Monsters (1998) – Streaming on Showtime Apple TV and Paramount Plus Apple TV

Gods and Monsters (1998) movies like Lolita

You must be waiting for Lolita movies like Gods and Monsters. Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein’s former director, James Whale, was forced to resign owing to his blatant homosexuality. The elderly Whale was sitting in his Malibu house in 1957. He makes friends with Clayton Boone, a strong vagabond who works as his gardener and convinces Boone to pose for him in a painting—more for Boone to take off his shirt than for any creative purpose. When the heterosexual Boone discovers Whale’s homosexuality, he is dubious, but over time, the two become friends as Whale opens up to Boone about his background.

Stealing Beauty (1996) – Available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Stealing Beauty (1996) movies like Lolita

A young girl travels to Italy in the story Stealing Beauty. She intends to learn more about her mother and find the boy who gets her first kiss. She unites with him, but there is no spark. She discovers things are not as they appear as she looks into who she really is. The same is true of the boy she is fascinated with.

Indecent Proposal (1993) – Streaming on Prime Video and Paramount Plus, available on Apple TV and Youtube

Indecent Proposal (1993) movies like Lolita

It is about a devoted couple who are struggling with money. They attempt gambling in an effort to find luck out of desperation. A wealthy man is attracted to his wife. Knowing their predicament, the wealthy man suggested that they fix it by having a bed with the wife. Can a committed couple accept the bait in this situation and deal with the repercussions?

The Crush (1993) – Streaming on Prime Video and Fubo TV, available on Apple TV and Vudu

The Crush (1993) movies like Lolita

In order to work for a magazine, writer Nick Eliot relocates to a new city and rents a room in Cliff and Liv Forrester’s home. Adrian, their 14-year-old daughter, immediately expresses her love to Nick. Nick struggles to resist Adrian’s advances while at work courting photojournalist Amy Maddik. Adrian becomes more and more obsessed with Nick. Out of resentment, she attacks Nick’s friends and property.

Blue Is The Warmest Color (2013) – Streaming on SIRECTV and AMC+, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Blue Is The Warmest Color (2013) movies like Lolita

It is one of the movies like Lolit. Adele loses herself in a book, daydreams in class, consumes copious amounts of food, fantasizes while masturbating, sleeps, sobs while snot runs down her face, converses with friends, relatives, and lovers, and has sex. The fact that Adele was a high school student when she initially fell in love with Emma with blue hair has shaped their relationship. The first time they interact is at a lesbian bar Adele stumbles into, where she immediately stands out as the newbie. Adele is older than her peers, yet she still exhibits a lot of naivete and is not the Tracy-like combination of wisdom and maturity for a young person.

Snow Angels (2007) – Available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Snow Angels (2007) movies like Lolita

Waitress Glenn, Annie’s drunken, suicidal husband, and she are no longer together. Although Glenn has converted to Christianity, his irregular attempts to reintegrate himself into Annie’s life have disturbed her. High school student Arthur works at Annie’s restaurant after class, where they become closer to Lila, a newcomer to the area. The town looks for Glenn and Annie’s kid after she vanishes as he spirals out of control.

Elena Undone(2010) – Streaming on Hulu, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Elena Undone(2010) movies like Lolita

A string of unrelated, apparently random incidents brings two ladies with very different lifestyles together. Unexpectedly becoming friends, they later develop a committed relationship. Life, family, and friends get in the way, but through learning to trust and getting past their challenges, both ladies transcend their own doubts and flaws to uncover the greatest versions of not just themselves but also one another. There are soul mates out there!

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande(2022) – Streaming on Hulu

Good Luck to You Leo Grande(2022) movies like Lolita

Nancy Stokes is a widowed, retired teacher who longs for great sex. She decides to find a sex worker to help her. Nancy welcomes Leo in an unidentified hotel room. Although Nancy expected fornication in addition to conversation, he appears just as gorgeous in person as he does in the photo. Although Leo may not always speak the truth, Nancy discovers that she likes him because of his opinions on various topics. As well, he likes her. Nancy begins to relax as her sexual confidence grows. There are many European pure love film such as French movies like Lolita, follow us to get more information.