Movies Like Matilda

Do you remember Matilda? In this classic teen comedy film, Matilda must utilize her power to aid her teacher and overcome her nasty school principal, Miss Trunchbull. The film tracks Matilda as she learns about her unique abilities. She exacts revenge on her parents and the principal of her school by using her magical abilities. In addition, the cast is also outstanding. This heartwarming, clever, and humorous film is a must-watch for all fans of solid family comedies. Here are 15 wonderful family teen movies like Matilda 1996. If you are looking for enjoyable movies like Matilda this weekend, why not read this post and start a movie journey with us?

Movies Like Matilda

  1. Madeline
  2. Ernest Scared Stupid
  3. The Witches
  4. Halloweentown
  5. Hocus Pocus
  6. Holes
  7. Chicken Run
  8. Sky High
  9. School of Rock
  10. The NeverEnding Story
  11. Nanny McPhee
  12. Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang
  13. Charlotte’s Web
  14. Space Jam
  15. Saving Santa

Madeline (1998) – Available on Prime Video and Apple TV

Madeline (1998) Movie Like Matilda

An orphan named Madeline attends a tiny boarding school in France alongside other girls, where she is watched over by Miss Clavier, a kind and understanding schoolteacher. Madeline met Mrs. Covington, the terminally sick wife of school board member Lord Covington, when she was in the hospital recovering from an appendectomy. Lord Covington announced the school’s sale shortly after. With Pepito’s assistance, Madeleine devises a scheme to frighten away prospective purchasers when prim Lord Covington starts exhibiting the property to them. Madeleine makes a heartfelt last-ditch attempt to salvage the school, her insight into Lord Covington’s troubled heart as clear as a child’s. Let’s explore more movies like Matilda and Madeline!

Ernest Scared Stupid (1991) – Streaming on Hoopla, available on Prime Video and Apple TV

Ernest Scared Stupid (1991) Movie Like Matilda

Ernest P. Worrell, a good-hearted but clumsy person in his life, unintentionally lets forth a demonic creature from the hallowed dead. Ernest, the good man, tries to intervene to prevent the town from being destroyed as the monster unleashes its fury. The problem is that Ernest is now dumb due to a 200-year-old curse. After learning that milk weakens the demon while unconditional love—the “heart of a child”—weakens the monster himself, Ernest makes a special effort to vanquish the demon. He takes the demon and makes it dance with the kids, giving it affection until he kisses his runny nose, which makes the demon burst. Ernest won the title of hero.

The Witches (1990) – Available on Prime Video and Apple TV

The Witches (1990) Movie Like Matilda

A nine-year-old orphan arrives in England accompanied by his grandmother. He nearly was wounded by a witch one day when he was going to train his pet mouse, but his grandma came to his rescue. He discovers the reality of witches and relocates to a motel in the area. After spending the night in a hotel, they attend a witch convocation presided over by a senior witch and learn of their scheme to transform kids throughout England into rats! Even after the witches transform the child into a mouse, he still makes an effort to stop the witches’ terrible plans from coming to pass.

Halloweentown (1998) – Streaming on Disney+

Halloweentown (1998) Movie Like Matilda

Marnie finds out she is a witch. Her journey to Halloweentown, a fantasy place where werewolves, witches, and ghosts live alongside people, begins when she stumbles onto a hidden bus doorway while out on the town. He needs to acquire the materials needed to defeat the bad men, though, since he is the only witch and everyone else in the town is frozen. He needs to drive the demons out of the village by placing the amulet into the massive jack-o’-lantern in the center of it. He will be prevented from finishing by terrifying warlocks, dreadful curses, and endless surprises. Don’t miss good Matilda movies like this film.

Hocus Pocus (1993) – Streaming on Disney+, available on Prime Video and Apple TV

Hocus Pocus (1993) Movie Like Matilda

On a Halloween night, the story began when little Max unintentionally lit the evil candle, bringing the three witches—Winifred, Sarah, and Mary—who had died three centuries before, back to life from hell. Having been executed for draining a child’s spirit and going back to the sun in the past, these three witches are anxious to commit the same crimes again. And then, Max took action after learning of the witches’ plan. To work with his sister Danny and best friend Alison, he conjures up a plot to foil the witches’ schemes.

Holes (2003) – Streaming on Disney+, available on Prime Video and Apple TV

Holes (2003) Movie Like Matilda

Stanley is imprisoned in a Texas jail facility due to a pair of sneakers; despite his innocence, Stanley surely had an unjust trial due to his family’s unfortunate history. Stanley decided to travel to the Green Lake Camp in Texas for labor rehabilitation to get out of prison. The guardians of Green Lake Camp, which is situated in the middle of a large desert, treat the kids like slaves by giving them challenges and even making them dig trenches in the dried-up riverbed. Stanley soon starts to think that the custodian’s request is motivated by something evil and that there are many hidden riches on the surface of the river, one of which is closely related to Stanley’s family.

Chicken Run (2000) – Streaming on Netflix, available on Prime Video and Apple TV

Chicken Run (2000) Movie Like Matilda

A disaster is engulfing the slaves on the English chicken farm Tweedy. Mrs. Tweedy, the chicken farm’s owner, is only interested in getting the chickens to produce more eggs, while Mr. Tweedy spends the entire day keeping two Wolf dogs alert to everything the hens do. The hen will alert the catastrophe at any time if she detects that she is laying fewer eggs. Hens constantly worry that they may experience misfortune at some point in time. Because Hen Jinjie is brave and intelligent, she is determined to lead everyone out of the chicken farm and refuses to accept their fate as slaves.

Sky High (2005) – Streaming on Disney+, available on Prime Video and Apple TV

Sky High (2005) Movie Like Matilda

Let’s dive into more movies like Matilda. Naturally, Will was raised on the Superman college campus, where his parents are the biggest celebrities in the Superman universe. The top students with superpowers will take a test on the first day of class, and those who score the highest will be placed in the hero group; the remaining students will be placed in the thankless helper group. Regretfully, Will is part of the support group. Ever since, Will’s life has been extremely challenging. Not only has he been the target of jokes from his Superman classmates, but he has also had to deal with being teased by the attractive cheerleaders and trying to keep his terrible school experience a secret from Superman’s parents. An evil hand has now made its way to the Superman School.

School of Rock (2003) – Streaming on Paramount+, available on Prime Video and Apple TV

School of Rock (2003) Movie Like Matilda

Rock musician in his 30s, Dewey Fein, is still chasing his ambition. His profession hasn’t worked out so far, and he also has to deal with the landlord trying to kick him out. Dewey’s landlord and longtime friend Ned Snebley receives a call from a middle school requesting that he step in right now. Dewey, on the other hand, is renowned for his rigorous teaching methods in the famed school setting, which Ned’s identity demands. Dewey used to be bored by the pupils’ lethality until, one day, he saw the kids’ musical ability. Thus, he subtly introduced this bunch of book-loving kids to the exciting world of rock and roll.

The NeverEnding Story (1984) – Available on Prime Video and Apple TV

The NeverEnding Story (1984) Movie Like Matilda

When Bastian Bux was younger, he became fixated on the book The Never Ending Story. He was engrossed in the narrative to the point where he believed he was the primary character. The novel “The Nothing” is progressively consumed by the fantasy country described in it, and the queen’s sickness renders her incapable of withstanding it. Realizing that the only way to rescue the queen is to find a human kid who is outside of the Fantasy and rename her, the fantasy country dispatches the brave Atreyu to acquire the medication that would heal the queen. Bastian Bux explores every place in the Land of Fantasy and gets to know every individual while looking for Atreyu.

Nanny McPhee (2005) – Streaming on Netflix, available on Prime Video and Apple TV

Nanny McPhee (2005) Movie Like Matilda

After Mr. Brown’s wife passes away, McPhee, a supernatural lady with scars on her face, takes on the role of maid in her home and attempts to control her seven boisterous and fun children. The 17 nannies the family had hired in the past had been evicted by the children. However, when Maid McPhee starts to run the household, the kids learn that their violent behavior will soon have repercussions that they are afraid of. Several issues arise as the kids start acting differently: McPhee’s shape and look change, and the kids and Mr. Brown start to like her as a wonderful stranger. It is one of the movies like Matilda on Netflix, so you can stream it on Netflix easily.

Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang (2010) – Streaming on Netflix, available on Prime Video and Apple TV

Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang (2010) Movie Like Matilda

A disturbed young woman named Isabel Greene, who is having difficulty running the family farm while her husband is in the army, receives a visit from the enchanted nanny McPhee. Mrs. Green’s children are caught fighting with two well-treated cousins who have recently moved in from the city when Nanny McPhee arrives. Uncle Phil, who owns half of the property, is trying to persuade Isabel to sell the land since he is short on funds and has a gambling addiction. Through a succession of highs and lows, Nanny McPhee utilizes her magic to educate five kids on valuable life skills to support the family.

Charlotte’s Web (2006) – Streaming on Paramount+, available on Prime Video and Apple TV

Charlotte's Web (2006) Movie Like Matilda

Since Wilbur, Fern’s tiniest tiny pig, is without milk, she feeds it herself. Wilbur had to go to her uncle’s farm next door as Fern could no longer keep him at home. Wilbur quickly became close friends with the livestock. The other animals inform Wilbur that piglets born in the spring will be put down before Christmas to create bacon. Charlotte the Spider, Wilbur’s closest friend, swears to show him the snow in the winter. Can Wilbur see the snow in the winter? Charlotte uses the mouse to create a variety of enchanted phrases about Wilbur, drawing onlookers. There are many popular kids movies like Matilda.

Space Jam (1996) – Streaming on Netflix and Hulu, available on Prime Video and Apple TV

Space Jam (1996) Movie Like Matilda

To attract visitors to the space playground on the monster planet, the leader of the playground sends his little monsters to kidnap popular cartoon characters, including Taffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, the Three Little Pigs, and others. To preserve their independence, the cartoon characters decided to play basketball games and choose the winner. It escaped their notice that the little beings, mistaken for brief extraterrestrials, had secretly appropriated the NBA players’ ball skills and grown into powerful basketball players. Time is running out to decide whether to stay or meet the cartoon star, so Bugs Bunny runs to get Michael Jordan to help, even though the decision is already set.

Saving Santa (2013) – Streaming on Hulu, available on Apple TV

Saving Santa (2013) Movie Like Matilda

The goal of Bernard the elf, a menial feces cleaner who is always tense, ashamed, and sniffling, is to become a brilliant inventor. He botched it again at the Christmas science competition this year. It so occurred that Elf City had a problem as a result of this small experiment. When Elf City is attacked by the evil Benny, everyone is faced with a tragedy. Bernard found himself unexpectedly in grave danger, but he was always taken aback when he realized that he was the only one who could avert the catastrophe. With the support of the lovely female agent, snow, he mustered the bravery to make the vow to preserve everything.