Movies Like The Day After Tomorrow

Roland Emmerich’s The Day After Tomorrow is not just a film about catastrophic climate change; it’s a narrative that blends intense action, scientific intrigue, and the human story of survival. If this blend of elements captivated you, here are 15 films, each explored in greater depth, that echo this distinctive genre.

  1. 2012 (2009)
  2. San Andreas (2015)
  3. Geostorm (2017)
  4. The Impossible (2012)
  5. Into the Storm (2014)
  6. World War Z (2013)
  7. Dante’s Peak (1997)
  8. Deep Impact (1998)
  9. The Core (2003)
  10. Greenland (2020)
  11. The Wave (2015)
  12. Volcano (1997)
  13. Armageddon (1998)
  14. Contagion (2011)
  15. Twister (1996)

2012 (2009)- Streaming on Netflix, DIRECTV

Roland Emmerich, the director of The Day After Tomorrow, returns with another epic disaster movie, ‘2012’. The film is based on the Mayan prediction that the world would end in 2012. It follows novelist Jackson Curtis as he attempts to bring his family to safety amidst worldwide disasters like massive earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis. ‘2012’ stands out for its grandiose visual effects, portraying the destruction of famous landmarks and the desperate struggle for survival in a way that echoes the catastrophic spectacle of The Day After Tomorrow.

San Andreas (2015)- Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

This high-adrenaline film directed by Brad Peyton stars Dwayne Johnson as Ray Gaines, a rescue helicopter pilot. The story unfolds as a massive earthquake devastates California. Ray’s journey to rescue his estranged wife and daughter amidst the chaos mirrors the personal and emotive narrative of The Day After Tomorrow. ‘San Andreas’ is not just about the spectacle of the disaster but also about personal courage, family bonds, and survival against overwhelming odds.

Geostorm (2017)- Streaming on Hulu

Directed by Dean Devlin, ‘Geostorm’ presents a future where humans have developed technology to control global climate to prevent natural disasters. However, when this system starts to malfunction, it triggers a series of extreme weather events across the globe. The protagonist, Jake Lawson, a climate scientist, must race against time to prevent a worldwide ‘geostorm’. This film shares the global scale of disaster and the theme of human intervention in climate, as seen in The Day After Tomorrow.

The Impossible (2012)- Streaming on Netflix, DIRECTV

Directed by J.A. Bayona, ‘The Impossible’ is a moving and intense portrayal of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. It follows the true story of a Spanish family vacationing in Thailand who are caught in the tsunami. The film focuses on their separation and harrowing journey to reunite. The emotional depth and realistic portrayal of a natural disaster make it resonate with the themes of human resilience and survival found in The Day After Tomorrow.

Into the Storm (2014)- Streaming on DIRECTV

‘Into the Storm’, directed by Steven Quale, takes the audience into the eye of a series of unprecedented tornadoes ravaging the town of Silverton. The film is presented in a found-footage style, adding to the intensity and realism of the experience. This focus on extreme weather and its impact on a community is reminiscent of the global climatic catastrophes depicted in The Day After Tomorrow.

World War Z (2013)- Streaming on DIRECTV, Paramount+

Directed by Marc Forster, ‘World War Z’ offers a different kind of disaster – a zombie pandemic. Brad Pitt stars as Gerry Lane, a former United Nations investigator who travels the world to find a way to stop the zombie pandemic. While it diverges from natural disasters, the movie’s portrayal of societal collapse and global threat is akin to the urgent, large-scale crises seen in The Day After Tomorrow. It’s a thrilling, fast-paced film that explores the themes of chaos, survival, and the human spirit in the face of an unstoppable global catastrophe.

Dante’s Peak (1997)- Streaming on DIRECTV

Directed by Roger Donaldson, ‘Dante’s Peak’ is a classic disaster film focusing on a small town facing the threat of a volcanic eruption. Pierce Brosnan plays a volcanologist who arrives in the quaint town of Dante’s Peak to investigate the possibility of a volcanic eruption. The film does an excellent job of building tension and fear, mirroring the suspenseful buildup to the climactic disasters in The Day After Tomorrow. The personal stories of the townspeople and the scientific aspect of the narrative add depth to the thrilling disaster elements.

Deep Impact (1998)- Streaming on Fubo TV, Paramount+

In this film directed by Mimi Leder, a comet is discovered to be on a collision course with Earth, threatening to cause a mass extinction. The movie interweaves various personal stories as humanity prepares for the impending disaster. ‘Deep Impact’ stands out for its emotional depth and exploration of human reactions in the face of global catastrophe, similar to the emotional and moral challenges faced by characters in The Day After Tomorrow.

The Core (2003)- Available on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Directed by Jon Amiel, ‘The Core’ ventures into the realm of science fiction, where the Earth’s core has stopped rotating, causing global disasters. A team of scientists and astronauts is sent on a mission to the center of the Earth to restart the core. While more science fiction-oriented, ‘The Core’ shares The Day After Tomorrow’s theme of a global emergency requiring an extraordinary scientific mission to avert disaster.

Greenland (2020)- Streaming on Max

‘Greenland,’ directed by Ric Roman Waugh and starring Gerard Butler, focuses on a family’s struggle for survival as a planet-killing comet races towards Earth. The film balances the spectacle of the impending disaster with the emotional journey of a family fighting for survival, paralleling the narrative style of The Day After Tomorrow.

The Wave (2015)- Streaming on Fubo TV, DIRECTV

This Norwegian film directed by Roar Uthaug is a realistic depiction of a natural disaster. It tells the story of a geologist who, having identified early warning signs of a massive tsunami, races against time to save his family and warn the community. The tension and the emotional stakes are high, much like in The Day After Tomorrow, focusing on both the disaster itself and its impact on human lives.

Volcano (1997)- Streaming on Starz, DIRECTV

‘Volcano’, directed by Mick Jackson, portrays a sudden volcanic eruption in Los Angeles. Tommy Lee Jones stars as the head of the Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management, who must coordinate the city’s response. The film combines action-packed sequences of urban destruction with the human element of disaster management, echoing the themes of crisis and resilience seen in The Day After Tomorrow.

Armageddon (1998)- Streaming on Hulu, DIRECTV

Directed by Michael Bay, ‘Armageddon’ features a team of deep-core drillers sent to space to prevent an asteroid from colliding with Earth. The film is notable for its high-octane action sequences and emotional subplots. While the nature of the disaster differs, ‘Armageddon’ shares the grand scale and the theme of humanity’s fight for survival seen in The Day After Tomorrow.

Contagion (2011)- Streaming on Hulu

Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Contagion’ presents a chillingly realistic portrayal of a global pandemic. The film follows a diverse set of characters as they navigate the societal and personal impacts of the pandemic. The sense of urgency and the global scale of the crisis parallels the themes of The Day After Tomorrow, offering a thought-provoking look at humanity’s vulnerability to natural threats.

Twister (1996)- Streaming on Hulu

Directed by Jan de Bont, ‘Twister’ focuses on a group of storm chasers in Oklahoma. The film is known for its groundbreaking special effects and thrilling depiction of tornadoes. Like The Day After Tomorrow, it combines the excitement of scientific pursuit with the human drama of facing nature’s fury.


Each of these films offers a unique perspective on disaster, whether through the lens of natural calamities, scientific endeavors, or the human stories intertwined with these catastrophic events. They capture the essence of what makes disaster movies compelling: the blend of human drama, the spectacle of nature’s power, and the commentary on our relationship with our environment. Fans of The Day After Tomorrow¬†will find these films equally thrilling and thought-provoking.