Movies like The Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a masterpiece of Robert Eggers. In this film, a deranged lighthouse keeper makes the audience feel alone and leaves a deep impression. Many similar horror movies like The Lighthouse help you to extend the perfect experience; follow us and check the list we’ve compiled for you.

Movies like The Lighthouse

  1. The Witch
  2. Melancholia
  3. Midsommar
  4. The Babadook
  5. Black Swan
  6. Under the Skin
  7. Persona
  8. Mulholland Drive
  9. The Blackcoat’s Daughter
  10. A Field in England
  11. Mother
  12. Hagazussa
  13. Jaws
  14. Good Time
  15. Cold Skin
  16. Apostle
  17. Half Light
  18. Crimson Peak

The Witch(2015) – Streaming on Max, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

The Witch(2015) Movies Like the Lighthouse

William and Katherine, the parents of five children in New England in 1630, lead pious Christian lives. They just relocated to a lonely farmstead on the outskirts of a vast forest. Things start to go wrong almost immediately. Their crops fail, their animals behave strangely, their newborn boy mysteriously disappears, and one of the kids seems to be demonic spirit possessed. Thomasin, the eldest daughter, is accused of being a witch, as the family turns on one another. Their disunity puts their devotion and faith to the test and makes them vulnerable to evil.

Melancholia(2011) – Streaming on Hulu and Prime Video, available on Apple TV and Peacock

Melancholia(2011) Movies Like the Lighthouse

In Lars von Trier’s cosmic-view diptych drama, which starts with a wedding gone wrong and finishes in the shadow of an impending extinction-level event, the potential for ecological Armageddon is explored beyond the confines of even our solar system. Kirsten Dunst’s bleak bride, who foretells impending disaster and tells her sister: “The Earth is evil, we don’t need to grieve for it,” is shot through from beginning to end with a tremendous understanding of what it is like to live in the throes of sadness. Nobody will forget it. Incommensurably tragic and breathtaking, Von Trier has made a disaster movie for the ages.

Midsommar (2019) – Streaming on Paramount Plus Amazon, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Midsommar (2019) Movies Like the Lighthouse

Dani and Christian’s marriage is on the verge of breakdown. But a family catastrophe forces them to stay together, a distraught Dani accepts Christian and his friend’s invitation to a celebration in a remote Swedish village. Villagers’ strange behaviors make the paradise more scary, a joyful summer vacation faces an unexpected turning. A dread-filled cinematic fable with a universe of darkness that takes place in broad daylight comes from the creative genius of Ari Aster. This is also one of the movies like The Lighthouse 2019.

The Babadook(2014) – Streaming on Hulu, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

The Babadook(2014) Movies Like the Lighthouse

Widowed Amelia has to cope with her little son Samuel’s increasingly strange behavior and his developing conviction that their home is being shared by a terrifying creature from a mystery children’s book, The Babadook. Amelia, plagued by sleeplessness, becomes increasingly persuaded of the monster’s reality in this tremendously fascinating, truly unsettling psychological horror. This is a creative take on the age-old conceptions of the bogeyman and creatures that go bump in the night, full of references to classic horror films, gothic lore, and fairy-tale mythology. While the tension builds to intolerable heights, the bond between mother and son stays at the center of the picture.

Black Swan(2010) – Available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Black Swan(2010) Movies Like the Lighthouse

Black Swan is one of the best horror movies like The Lighthouse. Dancer Nina Sayers, 28, prepares well for her show Swan Lake. Thomas Leroy has started seeking a new face to portray the twin roles of the white swan and the black swan. In terms of her portrayal of the white swan, Nina can persuade Leroy, but not of the black swan. But she wins the leading part. As time passes, Nina notices herself breaking down in the face of strange hallucinations. However, Nina is allowed to play the part, and the audience applauds her while standing. She gradually becomes aware that her hallucinations have become more intense.

Under the Skin(2014) – Streaming on Max, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Under the Skin(2014) Movies Like the Lighthouse

A young lady is haunting humans on the highways and streets with a human-like form. She seduces the lonely male into a mysterious place and swallows them. The extraterrestrial guest is starting to alter, nevertheless, due to its existence in all its complexity. When she realizes she is a human, some scary things happen.

Persona(1966) – Streaming on Max, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Persona(1966) Movies Like the Lighthouse

Elisabet Vogler, an actress, suddenly resolves not to talk and is therefore diagnosed as mentally ill. She and her nurse live in a summer cottage. Alma talks a lot to her, first about minor subjects and subsequently about increasingly personal matters, including a sexual encounter Alma had with teenage males. When Alma chances to receive a letter from Elisabet to her doctor that contains allusions to the tryst and other things Alma told her in privacy, as well as a comment in which Elisabet claims she’s “studying” Alma, Alma suspects Elisabet is playing with her. A cold war breaks out.

Mulholland Drive(2001) – Available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Mulholland Drive(2001) Movies Like the Lighthouse

A dark-haired woman was cruising up Mulholland Drive in the rear seat of a Cadillac. The motorist abruptly stops and raises his gun to the woman’s face. When several teens plow into a parked car, the woman is saved. Even though the woman is hurt, she descends the hill and heads towards Los Angeles. She enters a woman’s flat on the pretense that she is leaving for vacation. Later that morning, Betty Elms, a wannabe actress, shows up at the flat.

The Blackcoat’s Daughter(2017) – Streaming on Max, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

The Blackcoat's Daughter(2017) Movies Like the Lighthouse

Let’s dive into the best movies like The Lighthouse. Two female classmates are plagued by demonic spirits during their winter vacation at their Catholic prep school. While everything is going on, a strange hospital escapee plots a course for the school and is picked up by a heartbroken middle-aged couple. This horror film, which had its global premiere at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival, was directed by Oz Perkins for the first time.

A Field in England (2013) – Streaming on DIRECT TV, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

A Field in England (2013) Movies Like the Lighthouse

An alchemist captures a small band of English Civil War deserters running from a fight and forces them to help him seek riches hidden in a nearby field. The gang immediately slips into a jumble of disagreements, fighting, and anxiety after crossing a huge mushroom ring, which serves as their first meal. As it becomes apparent that the treasure may not be pure gold, they gradually succumb to the dreadful forces imprisoned inside the field.

Mother(2017) – Streaming on Paramount Plus, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Mother(2017) Movies Like the Lighthouse

When Mitch, her ex-husband, unexpectedly marries Tiffany, a considerably younger woman who soon develops a relationship with Jackie’s daughter Brooke, 16, Jackie McClain tries not to let it upset her. Jackie discovers that she is no longer involved in Brooke’s life as Tiffany begins to turn Brooke against her mother. Jackie must rebuild connection with her daughter to save her when Tiffany leads Brooke to evil.

Hagazussa(2018) – Streaming on Hoopla, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Hagazussa(2018) Movies Like the Lighthouse

Young Albrun and her goat-herding mother live by themselves in the German Alps of the fifteenth century. The locals avoid the mother and daughter because they are thought to be witches. Albrun tends to her goats several years after her mother passed away, and she is the only one present besides her new baby. Albrun, however, has her lonely life flipped upside down when an inquisitive villager befriends her.

Jaws(1975) – Streaming on Netflix, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Jaws(1975) Movies Like the Lighthouse

Jaws is set in a hot summer on Amity Island, a little town that depends on tourism for its livelihood. Martin Brody, the sheriff, wants to prohibit swimming at the beaches after finding the remains of a shark attack victim. Unfortunately for him, the mayor and a few local businesspeople don’t like this. He caves in when they nag him to keep them open. That weekend, a small boy is killed by a shark. As a result, amateur hunters invade the town to claim the shark’s bounty that the mother of the slain kid has placed.

Good Time(2017) – Streaming on Fubo and Paramount Plus, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Good Time(2017) Movies Like the Lighthouse

Connie Nikas escapes capture after robbing a bank, but Nick, his younger mentally handicapped brother, is imprisoned. Connie tries to break Nick out since she lacks the money for bail. He must negotiate the dark alleys of New York City’s odious criminal underground in a frantic effort to acquire the $10,000 he needs to ensure his brother’s release when THAT plan runs into trouble. This unusual criminal thriller stars Jennifer Jason Leigh, Buddy Duress, and Taliah Webster.

Cold Skin(2017) – Streaming on Prime Video, available on Apple TV and Vudu

Cold Skin(2017) Movies Like the Lighthouse

In the years following World War I, a steamship approaches a lonely island far from all shipping channels on the edge of the Antarctic Circle. A young guy is traveling on board en route to the end of the globe, where he will take up the lone position of weather watcher and live alone for a year. On land, however, he discovers only a disturbed castaway who has experienced a tragedy he won’t identify and no sign of the guy he was supposed to replace. The remainder is woodland, an abandoned cottage, boulders, quiet, and the surrounding sea. Following that, darkness falls.

Apostle (2018) – Streaming on Netflix, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Apostle (2018) Movies Like the Lighthouse

Thomas Richardson discovers that a religious group abducts his sister as a hostage. The prodigy goes to a beautiful island where the cult resides with the help of charismatic Prophet Malcolm. Thomas decides to do whatever it takes to win her back. As Thomas gets familiar with the community, he discovers a disgusting truth.

Half Light (2006) – Streaming on Peacock, available on Microsoft Store and Apple TV

Half Light (2006) Movies Like the Lighthouse

Angus McCullough indeed killed the local fisherman after learning that his wife was having an affair with him; however, the real two surprises were: Fortunately, she awakens and manages to get hold of the key just as Brian and Sharon throw her off a boat and go check on the lights at the lighthouse. At that point, Brian captures her, drugs her, binds her up with chains, and attempts to have her die in the water. She releases her bonds, swims to the surface, and then sets out to get retribution on them.

Crimson Peak (2015) – Streaming on Netflix, available on Apple TV and Prime Video

Crimson Peak (2015) Movies Like the Lighthouse

Edith, a young American novelist who likes penning ghost stories, falls for Sir Thomas Sharpe, an English baronet in the United States looking for investors for his latest invention. Edith’s father overlooks his invention and stops Thomas and Edith’s romance. When the father dies, Edith and Thomas marry and fly to England to live at Allerdale Hall, and they confront his sister, Lucille. You can log in to movies like the Lighthouse Reddit for more discussion.