Movies Like The Nice Guys

When crime and comedy elements collide in the same movie, we feel the exciting case investigation and pursuit process in laughter. In The Nice Guys, a pair of funny private detectives investigate a suspicious crime. If you are a fan of it and wonder about other similar movies like The Nice Guys, this article will give you what you need.

Movies Like The Nice Guys

  1. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  2. Seven Psychopaths
  3. In Bruges
  4. The Other Guys
  5. Hot Fuzz
  6. Inherent Vice
  7. Baby Driver
  8. 21 Jump Street
  9. War Dogs
  10. Superbad
  11. Cop Out
  12. Midnight Run
  13. The Long Goodbye
  14. Hail, Caesar!
  15. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) – Available on Prime Video and Apple TV

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) Movies Like The Nice Guys

When Harry and his accomplice are in the act of stealing at a toy store in New York City, and the security alarm interrupts the party, Harry’s unending, lousy luck takes a turn for the better. In his hasty attempt to escape the police, Harry unintentionally stumbles into a Hollywood detective movie audition. Before you can say, Jack Robinson, the producer, has flown Harry to Los Angeles for a film test. Harry is paired with tough-guy private detective Perry van Shrike to help him prepare for his screen test after being thrust into the competitive world of LA’s professionals, cons, losers, and wannabes. Homosexual Perry is unrelentingly brutal, cruel, and — you guessed it — homosexual.

Seven Psychopaths (2012) – Streaming on Paramount Plus

Seven Psychopaths (2012) Movies Like The Nice Guys

It is one of the best movies like The Nice Guys. Three friends in this dark comedy from In Bruges filmmaker Martin McDonagh offend a violent LA criminal by stealing his cherished Shih Tzu. Marty creates an amazing script called Seven Psychopaths. Billy, Marty’s best buddy, has some fantastic ideas for the plot but is hesitant to contribute without being asked.

In Bruges (2008) – Streaming on Starz and DIRECTV

In Bruges (2008) Movies Like The Nice Guys

Following a botched operation in a London church, the Irish hitmen Ken and Ray are dispatched by the London gangster Harry Waters to the historic Belgian city of Bruges during Christmas. Ray messes up. While Ray is bored and longs for his home, Ken adores the old town. Ray runs with Chlo, a small-time drug dealer and crook who distributes drugs to the actors and crew of a film in Bruges. Let’s explore other comedy movies like The Nice Guys.

The Other Guys (2010) – Streaming on Peacock

The Other Guys (2010) Movies Like The Nice Guys

The two top policemen New York City has to offer are Officers Danson and Highsmith. But when they accept a task that proves too much to manage, they are slain in the line of duty. A hole must be filled in New York’s absence of its heroes. The whole department is attempting to fill the boots of the departed heroes.

Hot Fuzz (2007) – Streaming on Freevee

Hot Fuzz (2007) Movies Like The Nice Guys

Top London police PC: The talented Nicholas Angel. Overly impressive. He is sent to Sandford, a peaceful town, to avoid making the rest of his team appear bad. He is partnered with Danny Butterman, who keeps probing about the action-packed lifestyle. Up until the two actors’ heads are discovered, everything looks tranquil to Angel.

Inherent Vice (2014) – Available on Prime Video and Apple TV

Inherent Vice (2014) Movies Like The Nice Guys

Larry Sportello, often known as Doc, is a pot-smoking hippy private investigator. He is approached by his ex-girlfriend Shasta Fay Hepworth, who is sure that her present partner, married property developer Mickey Wolfmann, is the victim of an attempt at kidnapping by his wife and her lover. To assist Shasta, Doc not only searches for Wolfman but also for Shasta and two other people who have gone missing and one who is thought to have been murdered.

Baby Driver (2017) – Streaming on DIRECTV

Baby Driver (2017) Movies Like The Nice Guys

Georgia’s parents were murdered in a vehicle accident when he was a toddler, and he was left with tinnitus, which he masks by playing music on his iPod. To pay off a debt he accrued after stealing one of Doc’s automobiles, he transports squads of criminals commanded by a mastermind named Doc. In addition to this, there are more movies like The Nice Guys.

21 Jump Street (1987) – Streaming on Prime video

21 Jump Street (1987) Movies Like The Nice Guys

Schmidt and Jenko were high school students in 2005. One is a geek on the honor roll, and the other is a cool underachiever who plays sports. By 2012, they were rookie officers working in pairs and on bike patrol with the desire to make arrests. They make a mistake and are sent back to high school undercover to track down the manufacturer of a hazardous synthetic narcotic.

War Dogs (2016) – Streaming on Hulu

War Dogs (2016) Movies Like The Nice Guys

War Dogs is one of the funny movies like The Nice Guys. During the Iraq War, two young adults who were friends and residents of Miami Beach took advantage of a little-known federal program that lets small firms compete for contracts with the US military. They start modestly, but soon, they enjoy the good life and make large sums of money. The couple, however, finds themselves in over their heads when they get a $300 million agreement to supply the Afghan military. This arrangement places them in business with several extremely unsavory parties, not the least of which is the US Government. Derived from actual occurrences.

Superbad (2007) – Streaming on Netflix

Superbad (2007) Movies Like The Nice Guys

Two socially awkward young men in a coming-of-age cautionary story who are ready to graduate from high school. They have an absurdly reliant friendship, but now that they have been accepted to different institutions, they must consider life without one another. Evan is charming, knowledgeable, and typically afraid. Seth is obnoxious, irrational, and wholly fixated on the idea of human sexuality. This accounts for their foolish attempts to end a protracted losing streak with the women in one panic-stricken evening—that horrible, humiliating night you will remember for the rest of your life.

Cop Out (2010) – Available on Prime Video and Apple TV

Cop Out (2010) Movies Like The Nice Guys

The NYPD. Detectives Jimmy Monroe and Paul Hodges are placed on paid leave for a month by their Captain Romans following a botched mission to apprehend a drug dealer. While his jealous partner thinks his wife is having an affair with their next-door neighbor, Jimmy sells his rare baseball card for his daughter’s pricey wedding. Two petty thieves break into the memorabilia shop where Jimmy sold his card, and the detective loses his card. They locate the thieves.

Midnight Run (1988) – Streaming on Netflix

Midnight Run (1988) Movies Like The Nice Guys

Midnight Run is one of the movies like The Nice Guys on Netflix. An offer of $100,000 is made to Jack Walsh, a cynical former police officer turned bounty hunter, to find Jonathan “the Duke” Mardukas. A sensitive accountant named Jonathan stole from the mob, donated the proceeds to charity, and skipped bail.

The Long Goodbye (1973) – Streaming on Paramount Plus

The Long Goodbye (1973) Movies Like The Nice Guys

Wisecracking and chain-smoking private investigator. When Philip Marlowe returns home from driving a friend across the Tijuana border, he finds an apartment packed with police who have arrested him for aiding in killing his friend’s wife. Following Marlowe’s release and the supposed demise of his companion in Mexico, a stunning woman pays him to find her unstable and drunken husband. It is a must-watch if you are looking for movies like The Nice Guys.

Hail, Caesar! (2016) – Streaming on Hulu

Hail, Caesar! (2016) Movies Like The Nice Guys

50s Hollywood. Capitol Studios’ Eddie Mannix is in charge of physical production. He deals with casting, production, keeping the studio’s stars in line, ensuring the studio doesn’t receive lousy press, handling the press, and acting as a matchmaker for the studio’s stars, among other things. His life is a nonstop activity. He is currently most concerned about the kidnapping of Baird Whitlock, one of the studio’s top stars, by communist screenwriters. But for Eddie Mannix, it’s just another day at work.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017) – Streaming on Fubo TV

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017) Movies Like The Nice Guys

Mildred Hayes makes a daring action after seven months without a suspect in her daughter’s murder case. She paints three entrance signs into her town with a contentious message aimed at Bill Willoughby, the renowned head of police in the community. The conflict between Mildred and Ebbing’s law enforcement is only worsened when his second-in-command, Officer Jason Dixon, gets involved. Officer Dixon is an immature mother’s boy who enjoys using violence. For more discussion, Welcome to movies like The Nice Guys Reddit.