Movies Like The Parent Trap

The Parent Trap is a beloved classic known for its heartwarming narrative, humor, and memorable dual performance by Lindsay Lohan. If you’re a fan of this family comedy and are looking for more recent movies that capture a similar spirit, here are 15 English movies like The Parent Trap that offer a delightful mix of family dynamics, humor, and touching moments. Finish reading this post, you will discover more movies like The Parent Trap with us!

  1. Easy A
  2. The Edge of Seventeen
  3. Crazy, Stupid, Love
  4. The Intern
  5. Little Miss Sunshine
  6. About Time
  7. Lady Bird
  8. Parental Guidance
  9. Juno
  10. The Kids Are All Right
  11. We Bought a Zoo
  12. Gifted
  13. Life as We Know It
  14. The Way, Way Back
  15. The Fundamentals of Caring

Easy A (2010) – Streaming on DIRECTV

Easy A, a modern and witty high school comedy, stars Emma Stone as Olive, a clever and sarcastic teenager who finds herself the subject of her school’s rumor mill. The film is a contemporary nod to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, exploring themes of reputation, honesty, and the high school social hierarchy. Stone’s performance is both charismatic and nuanced, bringing depth to Olive’s character. The movie cleverly uses irony and humor to tackle serious subjects like sexual morality and the pitfalls of judging others. Its smart script, engaging performances, and fresh take on the teen comedy genre make “Easy A” an insightful and entertaining film.

The Edge of Seventeen (2016) – Streaming on DIRECTV, Fubo TV

The Edge of Seventeen is a poignant coming-of-age story starring Hailee Steinfeld as Nadine, a high school junior grappling with typical teenage issues. The film realistically portrays the angst, confusion, and emotional turmoil of adolescence. Nadine’s journey is complicated by family dynamics, especially her relationship with her widowed mother and popular older brother. The movie stands out for its authentic dialogue, exceptional performances, and its honest depiction of the insecurities and challenges of growing up. Steinfeld’s portrayal of Nadine is both relatable and endearing, making The Edge of Seventeen a standout one in movies Like The Parent Trap 1998.

Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011) – Streaming on TNT, TBS

Crazy, Stupid, Love is a delightful ensemble comedy-drama featuring Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, and Emma Stone. The film weaves together multiple storylines about love and relationships across different generations. At its core is the story of Cal, who navigates a single life with the help of a suave bachelor after his marriage falls apart. The movie deftly balances humor with heartfelt moments, exploring themes of love, loyalty, and the complexities of human connections. The strong chemistry among the cast, combined with sharp writing, results in a film that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. It’s a modern look at relationships that is both humorous and deeply moving.

The Intern (2015) – Streaming on DIRECTV, Max

The Intern, directed by Nancy Meyers, stars Robert De Niro as a 70-year-old widower who becomes a senior intern at an online fashion site run by Jules (Anne Hathaway). The film beautifully explores the dynamics of the workplace, generational gaps, and the concept of friendship across ages. De Niro’s character brings wisdom, humor, and a different perspective to a modern and fast-paced work environment, impacting the lives of his younger colleagues. The movie is a heartwarming tale about second chances, redefining retirement, and the value of experience. “The Intern” is notable for its charming performances, gentle humor, and an uplifting message about the importance of staying engaged and open to new experiences at any stage of life.

Little Miss Sunshine (2006) – Streaming on DIRECTV, Hulu

Let’s dive into the next movie like The Parent Trap. Little Miss Sunshine is an offbeat road movie about a dysfunctional family’s trip to a beauty pageant. The film combines humor with touching moments, exploring themes of success, failure, and the meaning of family. Each character, from the ambitious motivational speaker father to the silent Nietzsche-obsessed son, brings their unique quirks and challenges to the journey. The movie shines in its portrayal of imperfect but lovable family members supporting each other despite their differences. “Little Miss Sunshine” is a celebration of individuality and the bonds that hold families together, presented with warmth, humor, and an honest look at life’s ups and downs.

About Time (2013) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

About Time, directed by Richard Curtis, is a romantic comedy with a time-travel twist. The film follows Tim, who discovers he can time travel and uses his ability to improve his life, particularly his love life with Mary. More than a simple romance, the film delves deep into the protagonist’s relationships with his family, especially his father. It’s a story about the choices we make, the moments we cherish, and the impact of time on our lives. The film beautifully balances humor, romance, and poignant moments, making it a unique and heartwarming tale about love and life.

Lady Bird (2017) – Streaming on DIRECTV, Netflix

Greta Gerwig’s “Lady Bird” is a semi-autobiographical film that offers a sharp, witty, and heartfelt look at adolescence and mother-daughter relationships. Set in Sacramento, it follows Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson through her senior year of high school as she navigates friendships, romance, and her turbulent relationship with her mother. The film excels in its authentic portrayal of teenage life, the struggles of growing up, and the bittersweet process of finding one’s identity. “Lady Bird” is a touching and humorous exploration of the bonds that define us and the experiences that shape our journey to adulthood.

Parental Guidance (2012) – Streaming on Hulu

“Parental Guidance” stars Billy Crystal and Bette Midler as old-school grandparents who agree to look after their three modern and overprotected grandchildren. The film humorously contrasts different parenting styles and generational gaps. As the grandparents use their unconventional methods, they not only bring fun and chaos but also valuable life lessons to their grandchildren. The movie is a light-hearted, family-friendly comedy that celebrates the timeless aspects of family life and the unique wisdom that grandparents can offer. It’s a delightful film that emphasizes the importance of family, understanding, and the joy of embracing life’s unpredictability.

Juno (2007) – Streaming on Hulu, DIRECTV

Juno, directed by Jason Reitman and written by Diablo Cody, is a fresh and quirky take on teenage pregnancy. Ellen Page delivers a standout performance as Juno MacGuff, a smart, confident high schooler who faces an unplanned pregnancy. The film is notable for its sharp, witty dialogue, unique characters, and a heartwarming portrayal of Juno’s journey. It tackles a serious topic with humor and sensitivity, focusing not just on Juno’s pregnancy but also on her relationships with the baby’s father, her family, and the prospective adoptive parents. “Juno” blends comedy with poignant moments, making it a modern classic in the coming-of-age genre.

The Kids Are All Right (2010) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

The Kids Are All Right is a contemporary drama that explores the dynamics of a same-sex couple’s family when their children decide to bring their biological father into their lives. The film, starring Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, and Mark Ruffalo, delves into themes of family, identity, and the complexities of relationships. It’s a nuanced portrayal of a modern family facing unique challenges and changes. The film stands out for its honest depiction of characters, engaging storytelling, and ability to address relevant social issues with warmth and humor.

We Bought a Zoo (2011) – Streaming on Disney+, DIRECTV, Fubo TV

Directed by Cameron Crowe, We Bought a Zoo is an inspiring story of a widower, played by Matt Damon, who makes a bold decision to buy and revive a struggling zoo. The film is a heartwarming tale about coping with loss, embracing new challenges, and the healing power of caring for animals. It beautifully captures the themes of adventure, family bonding, and starting anew. The movie is filled with moments of joy, sorrow, and triumph, making it an uplifting and motivational story that resonates with audiences of all ages. It is also one of the movies Like The Parent Trap on Disney Plus.

Gifted (2017) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Gifted stars Chris Evans as Frank, a single man raising his child prodigy niece, Mary. The film centers on the conflict between providing Mary with a normal childhood and nurturing her extraordinary mathematical abilities. The narrative delves into family ties, the sacrifices made for loved ones, and the challenges of guardianship. The performances, particularly by Evans and Grace, are heartfelt and compelling. Gifted is a touching and thought-provoking film that explores the balance between protecting a child’s innocence and encouraging their talents.

Life as We Know It (2010) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Life as We Know It features Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel as two single adults who become caregivers to their goddaughter after their mutual best friends pass away. The film blends comedy and drama as they navigate the unexpected challenges of parenthood and their evolving relationship. It’s a story about adapting to unforeseen circumstances, the formation of a non-traditional family, and the ways in which tragedy can bring people together. The movie is both funny and touching, providing an entertaining and heartwarming look at the complexities of raising a child and building a family.

The Way, Way Back (2013) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

The Way, Way Back is a heartfelt coming-of-age comedy-drama directed by Nat Faxon and Jim Rash. The story revolves around Duncan, a shy 14-year-old played by Liam James, who struggles to find his place while on summer vacation with his mother, her overbearing boyfriend, and his daughter. Duncan’s summer takes a turn for the better when he befriends Owen, the manager of a local water park, played charmingly by Sam Rockwell. This relationship becomes a transformative experience for Duncan, helping him gain confidence and navigate the complexities of adolescence and family dynamics.

The Fundamentals of Caring (2016) – Streaming on Netflix

Directed by Rob Burnett, The Fundamentals of Caring is a touching indie road trip movie that blends humor and heart. The film stars Paul Rudd as Ben, a writer turned caregiver who forms an unlikely friendship with his first client, Trevor, a witty 18-year-old with muscular dystrophy, portrayed by Craig Roberts. As they embark on a road trip to see America’s “lamest roadside attractions,” they meet a cast of quirky characters, including a hitchhiker played by Selena Gomez. The journey becomes more than just physical as both characters confront personal demons and forge a deep bond. Don’t miss this one if you are looking for movies like The Parent Trap on Netflix.