Movies Like Train To Busan

Movies Like Train To Busan

Train to Busan, the unforgettable Korean zombie movie, is acclaimed for its impressive production, vivid scenes, and delicate portrayal of humanity. It triggers the audience’s passion for zombie movies and becomes a classic one. The sequel to this film is Peninsula, and there are many movies like Train to Busan Peninsula. After watching it, if you want to discover more heart-racing and thought-provoking zombie movies like Train To Busan, The list and introduction should be helpful.

  1. Cargo
  2. The Cured
  3. Contracted
  4. Warm Bodies
  5. Little Monsters
  6. Zombie Reddy
  7. Zombieland: Double Tap
  8. The Girl with All the Gifts
  9. The Night Eats the World
  10. Exit Humanity
  11. The Evil in Us
  12. 28 Weeks Later
  13. World War Z
  14. Peninsula
  15. Cooties

Cargo – Streaming on Netflix

Cargo Movies Like Train To Busan

The first one of the movies like Train to Busan, is Cargo. This one-hour, 45-minute film depicts a father’s struggle to get his young daughter to safety before the virus takes him over. Humans have a 48-hour window following infection, during which they can become rabid. Although it doesn’t go too far from the conventional (the standard “survival of the fittest” theme is still present), it does give the dead a more sympathetic view and, via its original setup, reframes the emotional effect of the zombie apocalypse.

The Cured – Streaming on DIRECTV, available on Amazon, Apple

The Cured Movies Like Train To Busan

The movie explores what happens after a viral pandemic strikes Ireland. Senan, a freshly healed infected, is moving back in with his sister-in-law Abbie and her child Cillian. The shift is challenging, mainly because he still experiences frequent nightmares from his time as an infected. He seeks solace in the embrace of Connor, a once-infected person who finds life as a “cured” person unpleasant since he is not used to living among the disenfranchised. Events start to spin out of control as the plot develops, as Senan and the Irish people strive to figure out what to do next, and something more sinister may be on the horizon.

Contracted – Streaming on DIRECTV, available on Amazon, Apple

Contracted Movies Like Train To Busan

Let us move to more Train to Busan-like movies. Beautiful Samantha, who is struggling unwillingly, agrees to go to her best friend’s party. Even though she is still struggling with a former addiction, she foolishly accepts a drink from a total stranger. As a result, poor Samantha will soon become very intoxicated and end up being sexually assaulted in the backseat of the evil predator’s vehicle. Still, from then on, the horrible occurrence will be the least of her concerns. Poor Samantha will immediately and rather mysteriously start noticing quick and significant organic changes in her body. Unable to identify the cause of the dramatic change, within the following 72 hours, she will accept her horrific and pitiless fate and the knowledge that she is disintegrating.

Warm Bodies – Streaming on Netflix, available on Amazon, Apple

Warm Bodies Movies Like Train To Busan

In addition to movies like Train to Busan Korean, excellent zombie movies are also made in America. The film follows this zombie’s attempt to rediscover his humanity while telling the narrative through R’s point of view. R runs against his inclinations to save Julie’s life when they cross paths when he is out and about looking for brains. They both become increasingly aware that the zombies can still be defeated as they spend more time together. Everyone does not welcome the idea of zombies and humans coexisting once more. Julie and R had to battle the Boneys and persuade her colony. It is one of the movies like Train to Busan on Netflix.

Little Monsters – Streaming on Hulu

Little Monsters Movies Like Train To Busan

The movie Little Monsters is a good choice when choosing movies to watch like Train to Busan. To get closer to his teacher, Miss Caroline, Dave, a downtrodden loser, offers to supervise his nephew Felix on a school excursion to a petting zoo. Sadly, genetic experiments being conducted at the nearby American Army facility have led to a zombie pandemic. When the zombies attack the zoo, Dave and Miss Caroline are trapped by an artist. They are forced to work together furiously to keep the kids alive and unaware of the danger around them.

Zombie Reddy – Streaming on Aha

Zombie Reddy Movies Like Train To Busan

Let’s dive into the best movies like Train to Busan. Mario creates game development tools. Mario seeks his friend’s assistance to fix a problem that develops in the program. Since he could not meet them, he and a few of his buddies went out to find Mario’s friend in Kurnool. People turn into zombies throughout their journey due to an odd event. All of the gang members save a small few transformed into zombies, and now those survivors must fight for their lives and restore normality to the group. Have they succeeded? To find out, we must see the movie.

Zombieland: Double Tap – Streaming on DIRECTV, available on Amazon, Apple

Zombieland: Double Tap Movies Like Train To Busan

Okay, we will introduce other movies like Last Train to Busan. After last emergency, the group of survivors including Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita, and her younger sister find themselves inside a derelict White House. A deliberate split will, however, throw the crew back to the starting line and send them in quest of the promised land once more in a world still dominated by hordes of walking dead and mutant strains of developed animated corpses. The only place for optimism is Babylon, a beautiful vegetarian pacifist commune run solely on organic principles. Is the journey over now?

The Girl with All the Gifts – Streaming on Prime Video Amazon, available on Apple

The Girl with All the Gifts Movies Like Train To Busan

This is one of the movies like Train to Busan on Amazon Prime. Melanie, a 10-year-old girl, goes to school with a bunch of other kids within the subterranean bunker known as Hotel Echo. Armed troops escort the kids from the prison-like quarters to the classroom, where they are strapped into chairs. Melanie is a “hungry” zombie who has contracted an unidentified illness, and she and the other kids are being used as test subjects by Caroline Caldwell, a researcher who is looking into the disease. Caldwell is especially interested in discovering why the illness acts differently in children. Helen Justineau is Melanie’s favorite teacher; she is kind and develops a bond with her kids while being cautioned that they “belong” to Caldwell.

The Night Eats the World – Streaming on Prime Video Amazon, available on Apple

The Night Eats the World Movies Like Train To Busan

Follow us and discover more movies like Train to Busan. After a peaceful breakup with his girlfriend, Sam attends a party to pick up some things. While waiting for her, he passes out. When he wakes up the next morning, the world has been overrun by zombies. Everyone is a walking corpse or a zombie. Sam soon realizes what has occurred and switches to stealth mode, possibly because he lives in a somewhat different Paris where a zombie apocalypse has always been possible or because of some other reason. In any case, he has already seized a weapon, guarded the doors and windows, and surveyed the premises.

Exit Humanity – Streaming on Prime Video Amazon, available on Apple

Exit Humanity Movies Like Train To Busan


There are five more similar movies like Train to Busan. The dead began to increase at the end of the Civil War, bringing the U.S. to destruction. When Edward Young gets home, his son is gone, and his wife has died. He looks for his kid, but in the end, he can do nothing but stop him from turning into a zombie. He chooses to transport his son’s ashes to a location they had previously discussed at the opposite end of the U.S., otherwise completely at a loss. Of course, traversing a zombie-infested region cross-country is not simple.

The Evil in Us – Available on Amazon, Apple

The Evil in Us Movies Like Train To Busan

The Evil in Us is also one of the movies like The Train to Busan. On an isolated island off the coast of Washington, six former classmates get together for a Fourth of July celebration so they may party all weekend. But the fun soon becomes a nightmare when they mistakenly ingest a new bio-active medicine containing a virus that triggers psychotic fury attacks. One girl, Brie, is the only one who refuses to take the medication, and she is left to battle for her life while the rest of the girls progressively transform into vicious cannibals. Brie must undergo the unthinkable while fighting for her life when stranded on the island.

28 Weeks Later – Available on Amazon, Apple

28 Weeks Later Movies Like Train To Busan

28 Weeks Later is set six months after the last virus. It is a film like Train to Busan. After the Rage Virus wiped off most of the people in the United Kingdom, a tiny section of London has been quarantined so survivors can start over. After narrowly escaping many zombies in the first scene, Don is reunited with his children and attempts to create a feeling of normalcy for them. However, nothing goes as planned in zombie movies.

World War Z – Streaming on Fubo TV, DIRECTV, available on Amazon, Apple

World War Z Movies Like Train To Busan

This film is about a pandemic of flesh-eating zombies, Brooks wrote a detailed story in which a researcher for the U.N. Postwar Commission speaks with survivors from various nations ten years after the crisis to get a first-person post-mortem on a conflict that wiped out every nation on the map. The zombie scenes are like Train to Busan.

Peninsula – Available on Amazon, Apple

Peninsula Movies Like Train To Busan

As a sequel to Train to Busan, this is another Korean horror movie like Train to Busan. A zombie epidemic in South Korea overwhelms the government in a day, while the United States and NATO suppress the spread by isolating South Korea. Captain Jung-Seok’s sister and nephew suffer zombie bites despite saving his family. Four years later, with the promise of receiving half the money, two other Koreans, including a guilt-ridden Jung-Seok, are enlisted to help rescue a vehicle with $2 million. First, They must fight off hordes of blood-sucking zombies and a rebellious militia. It is definitely one of the best Korean movies like Train to Busan.

Cooties- Streaming on Max, DIRECTV, available on Amazon, Apple

Cooties Movies Like Train To Busan

Let us dive into other movies like Train to Busan 2. An unflinching thrill-seeker with surprising chuckles, Cooties is a horror comedy. A gang of outcast teachers must work together to flee the playground carnage after a cafeteria food virus turns elementary school students into killing zombies. A group of people attempt to survive the chaos while comically quarreling in an awkward love triangle on the worst Monday of their lives in the movie. If you want to discuss and share more zombie movies with others, movies like Train to Busan Reddit is a good platform.